Night on the Town – SATURDAY –

Game day Saturday!  Hooray!  And welcome ESPN and their crew!  Lots of new folks to our Emerald City tonight!  With tonight’s game a home game and the betting line favoring the Ducks by 15 points,  you will want to party tonight afterwards.

If you don’t have a ticket you can still catch the game at Goodtimes, Quakers, Sam’s Place, The SideBar,  Prime Time, or even Whiskey River Ranch just to name a few.  At the Whiskey River Ranch,” if on a kick-off Oregon returns for a TD somebody wins $1000. They give out tickets to everyone in the bar!” Could be kinda cool winning an easy $1000 tonight!  I’d make sure to get there early to get a good seat.

The Dead Americans   photo courtesy Dead Americans FB page

The Dead Americans photo courtesy Dead Americans

Thankfully, like usual, we have some pretty entertaining music to hear tonight.  The female fronted band, The Dead Americans  are headlining at Luckey’s tonight.  Fronted by Kyra Kelly with guitarist Zach Johnson this five piece create unique punk, metal, rock songs rich in social commentaries and haunting harmonies.  They are playing with Hot Drama!.  Hot Drama! is a riot.  I love this trio with their rich flavor of raunch-rock-n-roll.  Their songs Boyfriend and No Brainer sound so much like early Blondie.  Besides, defining themselves as gossip rock … well, that’s simply brilliant.

Diva Simone Slaughter   photo courtesy SS FB page

Diva Simone Slaughter photo courtesy SS

If you’re in the mood for some entertainment of a completely different ilk, than, make your way over to John Henry’s.  Tonight  kicks off their G.L.A.M’s first bi-monthly dance party.  Now, each first and third Saturday you can shake your groove thang.  This should be a ball!  If you feel like dressing up then, come dressed to impress.   Scheduled performances tonight are by Diva Simone Slaughter, Karress Ann Slaughter, and Vegas Platinum who all have some “pretty amazing” things in store for tonight… hmmm… wonder what THAT could be???  It will be terrific to get some good make-up hints from these gals as well as maybe the hook up on a good pair of boots!  These gals put me to shame in the make-up department!  Shazam!

Where else in town can you  check out “The G.L.A.M. Squad” on the stage shaking their backside for your viewing pleasure?

And in case you are one of the few folks who’ve not heard about the new WILL CALL feature on Eugene Daily News, we’ve got your hook up to free shows.  This week we’ve got tickets the Thursday night show at the WOW Hall with The Head and the Heart, Thao with the Get Down Stay Down, and Lemolo.  Also a free pair of tickets to the Sunday night show Passafire with Tatanka.  Check it out here.

Well, supposed I better get to reading the hate blog that’s going around about me that I was just notified of this morning.   Now, THAT is some gut-busting entertainment!  Where the hell is my shot glass?  I’m sure it’s 5 o’clock somewhere!

I will see you out there! GO DUCKS!



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Original Music

Sick Ass Saturday, metal   Goodfella’s   9pm
Pairabowls   Diablos   10pm
Jesse Meade   June    9pm
The Longshots, Flapper Dan   Maize Lounge   10pm
Kemosabe, Ape Machine, Witch Mountain  metal, rock   Oak St. Speakeasy  10pm
Taken by Tigers, Hero Explains the Ghost, alternative,   Quackers  11pm
Monitor, Joe Savage, Autumn Rose, rock   Sam Bond’s   6pm
Eddie Bodine & the Drifting Pines, folk, blues   Tiny Tavern    9pm
Devil Apes, Love Lightning, acoustic    Wandering Goat   9pm
$5   IlGato, Mood Area 52, acoustic   Sam Bond’s   9:30
$3  Bryan Minus, Great Hiatum, Renaissance Raven, indie rock
Agate Alley Bistro   10pm
$5  Whispering Pines, Rogue Valley, bluegrass, Axe & Fiddle   9pm
$5  The Acorn Project, The Koozies, rock   Cozmic Pizza   9pm
$5  Tribal Spectrum   Granary   10pm
$5   The Dead Americans, Hot Drama, Radion   rock, grunge,  Luckey’s  10pm

Cover & Tribute Bands

UB9   Happy Hours   9pm
The Valley Boys, rock and roll,   Mohawk Pub   9pm
Joybox   Spirits   9pm

Blues, Jazz & Country

$8  The Strangetones,  blues, Mac’s at the Vet   9pm
$5  Bump in the Road, rock, country   Whiskey River Ranch   9pm
$10 – $25  Hot Club Eugene   benefit, acoustic swing, Jazz Station 8pm

Dance, DJ, Hip Hop, Other

Ladies Night, Conways   9pm
“Sup!” w/Sassy Mouff, Michael Human & Guests, top 40   Cowfish   9:30pm
DJ J-Will, dance mix, Doc’s Pad   8pm
Retro    Embers   9pm
DJ Crown, hip hop, dance   Taylor’s Bar & Grille   10pm