It kicked off last night, this 4 day party at the end of October. Whether it’s a series of galas with friends, a full field blitz of the shows haunting the club scene, or a more dignified blend of party and culture, Tuesday promises to break the record for the most number of people calling in sick on a single day.

Being a Duck game Saturday, there’s nothing like a little tailgating, even if it’s just a driveby.  Walking through the parking lot, enjoying the party atmosphere and accepting almost every invitation to taste, imbibe, or just stop and chat – it’s like happy hour without walls.

Speaking of happy hour, after a quick nap to sleep off the afternoon festivities, a full plate of entertainment awaits:  Concrete Cowboys, Medium Troy, Sonny Rhodes, and of course the Creepshow at Goodfellas.

First its a short stop by Cozmic Pizza to see Sonny Rhodes.  Blues is generally a small dose goes a long way genre, but self-proclaimed “Disciple of the Blues” Sonny Rhodes is a don’t miss.  $20 at the door is a little steep for the venue, but not for the show.  This award winning son-of-a-sharecropper has made over 200 recordings, played with the likes of Freddie King and Albert Collins, and for all the sci-nerds out there (me) – recorded the theme song “The Ballad of Serenity” for the Joss Whedon series Firefly; yes THAT Sonny Rhodes.  If this all sounds foreign to you then this probably isn’t your scene tonight.

Next up are the Concrete Cowboys out at the Whiskey River Ranch.  Actually its a toss-up between this and the Creepshow, but more on that shortly.  Now Country music (aka New Rock with a twang) is another style that requires a small dose at infrequent intervals, but this band is smokin’ good.  Check out Great Excuse for a taste – its a pretty stock CR song, but you’ll hear the voice, the band and some serious “tight”.  The bill themselves as a “hard” country rock band, Whiskey River bills it as their Halloween Hoedown – I’ll go with door number 2.  $8 at the door.

Normally this wouldn’t be much of a decision, I’d hit Whiskey River, but Goodfellas is featuring it’s own Halloween Creepshow.

It’s not the official name btw, they call it the Hardcore Haunted Halloween with Lyckwyd and Big Hammer Theory.  If you haven’t seen these bands before, you owe it to yourself to break out the earplugs and leather and catch this show.  Think of it as a local version of a Slipknot and MudVayne show – sounds redundant but it’s not.  While both band are heavy on the theatrics, you’ll notice that Lyckwyd in particular crafts songs that will stick with you.  Not like that bit of zombie on your shoe, more like “man, somebody here is seriously pissed off I hope he’s not in the parking lot when I leave early” kind of way.  Both bands have a big draw and this crowd likes to have a good time.  More fun than you will normally find in Eugene on a given night.

Hey, a special late night zombie party is a good reason to bail early.

BTW – Like Off the Waffle? Send pictures of you in your Halloween costume out in the mayhem and we’ll give you a $25 gift certificate – if yours is voted the best by our highly opinionated panel of judges (our editors) that is.  Email to and we’ll post the best, burn the rest and announce a winner in next Friday’s Night On The Town – you’ll have your certificate in time for your Saturday morning “feed your head” breakfast.

— Eddie

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Halloween Parties

Lyckwyd & Big Hammer Theory: MetalGoodfellas – 9:00
WaNiBra: Rock/AlternativeGranary – 10:00
Dammit Jim: Rock CoversVillage Green – 9:00
Happy Camp: Rock Quackers – 9:00
$8 Anticipate Pie, Aeon Now, Miss Tess: VarietyAxe & Fiddle – 8:30
$8 Halloween Hoedown with Concrete Cowboys: CountryWhiskey River Ranch – 9:00
$8 (In costume or $10 without) Medium Troy, Synergy, Snow Angel: Dub, ReggaeWOW Hall – 9:00
$10 Fetish Ball:  Downtown Lounge – 9:00

Original Music

Leah Jones, John Baumann: Indie FolkAstoria Bar – 9:00
New World Order, Bloodlust, Sucker Punch9: MetalOak St. Speakeasy
Benefit: Explode-a-tron, Ana Kefr, Filth Machine: Metal Black Forest – 10:00
$5 Golden Motors, Underlings: RockSam Bond’s – 9:00
$5 Mud Puppy, Betty & the Boy, Earl Patrick: Indie, AmericanaLuckey’s – 9:00

Cover & Tribute Bands

“Sup!” with Sassy Mouff, Michael Human: Top 40, electroCowfish – 9:30
7 Lucky Surfers: Surf Wandering Goat – 9:00
Valley Boys: Rock, variety Happy Hours – 8:00

Blues, Jazz & Country

Upstate Trio: Grunge JazzMaize Lounge – 10:00
Kenny Reed: Jazz Downtown Athletic Club – 8:00
Mars Grass: Blues, rockMulligan’s Pub – 9:30
$5 Bob Wehrman Group: JazzJazz Station – 8:00
$10 Door Number Three & Michael Tracey: BluesMac’s – 7:00
$20 Sonny Rhodes: BluesCozmic Pizza– 8:30

Dance, DJ, Hip Hop, Other

J-Will (DJ): Dance MixDoc’s Pad – 8:00
DJ Crown: Hip Hop, DanceTaylor’s – 10:00