— Ryan Beltram, EDN

It’s a light week in local cinema. One new drama about family (both on and offscreen) debuts at the Bijou this week, and two new films open at David Minor: a stoner comedy involving pizza, explosives and drug dealers, and another film about a well-intentioned idiot.

At the Bijou this week

The Way: Drama/Adventure – 2010 – 121 Min. – Rated PG-13. Starts Friday, Dec. 2 at 5 and 7:45 pm.

The Way

Emilio Estevez directs this spiritual drama about a father, (played by Estevez’s real father Martin Sheen) Tom, who arrives in St. Jean Pied de Port, France to collect the remains of his son (Estevez) who was killed in a storm in the Pyrenees mountains while walking the Camino de Santiago, also known as The Way of Saint James.

Rather than returning home to California to mourn his loss, Tom decides to embark on his son’s journey to honor him. But instead of enjoying a solitary adventure, Tom befriends other pilgrims from around the world, each of them with their own set of issues and looking for greater meaning in their lives.

Still Playing at the Bijou

Take Shelter: Showing at 7:45 pm, Wednesday and Thursday. Showing at 10:15 pm, Friday-Sunday.

Midnight in Paris: Showing at 5:30 pm, Wednesday and Thursday. Showing at 4:45 pm, Friday-Sunday.

The Hedgehog: Showing at 4:45 and 7 pm, Wednesday and Thursday. Showing at 7 pm, Friday-Sunday. Additional screening at 2:30 pm, Saturday and Sunday.

The Skin I Live In: Showing at 9:15 pm, Wednesday and Thursday. Showing at 9:30 pm, Friday-Sunday.

At David Minor this week, two new films debut.

30 Minutes or Less: Comedy – 2011 – 83 Min. – Rated R. Debuts on Thursday, Dec. 1, at 9:45 pm.

Jesse Eisenberg plays Nick, a small town pizza delivery guy bored with life. But one day he gets an unwanted level of excitement when two wannabe criminals strap a bomb to his chest and force him to rob a bank for them. With only his best friend to turn to, Nick must deal with a ticking clock, police, assassins and their own rocky relationship.

30 Minutes or Less is director Ruben Fleischer’s follow up to Zombieland. That film was fun and funny and despite the usual zombie plot, felt creative and original. 30 Minutes or Less lacks many of the same qualities. There are hilarious moments, usually involving Michael Pena as a hired hitman doing his best Scarface impression, but otherwise the film is instantly forgettable. Despite the comedic talents of Danny McBride, Aziz Ansari and Nick Swardson, the film tried too hard to be racy and violent.

Our Idiot Brother: Comedy – 2011 – 90 Min. – Rated R. Starts at 9:45 pm, Thursday, Dec. 1-7.

Our Idiot Brother

Ned (Paul Rudd) is the most gullible guy you’ll ever meet.  Despite constantly being manipulated and taken  advantage of, Ned remains an upbeat dude, relying on the  honesty of others to live a carefree life.

But when his girlfriend dumps him and kicks him off the  farm where he makes a living, Ned’s three sisters are  forced to come to his rescue as each take turns housing  Ned until he gets back on his feet. But his unsettling  honesty leads to conflict in each household. As each of  the three sisters’ lives begin to unravel, they come to the  realization that maybe, in believing and trusting the  people around him, Ned isn’t such an idiot after all.

Still Playing at David Minor:

Beginners: Showing at 7:35 pm, Wednesday, Nov. 30.  Showing at 5:30 pm, Dec. 1-7.

Horrible Bosses: Final showing, Wednesday, Nov. 30 at 9:40 pm.

Crazy, Stupid, Love: Showing at 7:35 pm, Wednesday, Nov. 30, and at 5:30 pm, Dec. 1-7.

Water For Elephants: Showing at 5:25 pm, Wednesday, Nov. 30, and at 7:40 pm, Dec. 1-7.

Super 8: Showing at 5:25 and 9:40 pm, Wednesday, Nov. 30, and at 7:40 pm Dec. 1-3. The film will not screen on Sunday but will resume on Monday, Dec. 5 at 7:40 pm.