Saturday Night on the Town


The Ducks must have a direct line to the Weather Goddess to order up a day like this for the Civil War.  Fans will be gathered in every sports bar in town to watch the action and the beer will flow like the McKenzie after all the recent rain.  After last week’s upset, we all need to show our Ducks a little extra love, just like the Weather Goddess.  When it’s all over, get out and share the glory or the grief, which ever way it goes.  There’s music out there to soothe the soul, so no excuses people.

Jazz at its best with Gerry Rempel and Gus Russell at Ax Billy

If you happened to watch the game at Ax Billy’s in the Downtown Athletic Club (public welcome), stick around afterwards for dinner and the jazz show.  Otherwise, jazz enthusiasts might want to drop on by.  Their menu is over the top wonderful and tonight, they’re offering Gerry Rempel’s Trio.  Pianist Gus Russell is playing with them tonight.  He’s composed for movies including “The Independent” and “PreFontaine: Fire on the Track.”  Gerry Rempel’s masterful guitar playing with Gus Russell on piano and supported by Byron Case on the bass will add up to tight musicianship, original improvisation and jazz at its very best.  Quite a treat for a no cover show in a posh, intimate venue.

Rock fans, specifically punk rock, can rejoice with like minded souls at Luckey’s.  Full Lush serve’s up gutsy lyrics with a heavy dose of grunge bass.  Their little tune “monkey eyes”* feels like a good song for the Duck’s defensive linebackers or a man angry at his woman, take your pick.  Either way, I like the primal bass line and heavy beat.  They claim to play “loud and hard”; I hear no reason to doubt that.  Also on the bill is Wetsock, always good for rearranging my attitude;  no wimping out with this band.  They have a horn player that just plain pleases me to no end.  Show starts at 10:00; $5 cover.

Grrrlz Rock continues on tonight at the WOW Hall with perhaps the best line up of the whole series featuring female performers.  Rejoice men, the gorgeous and talented Anna Gilbert will bless you with her sweet voice, lyrics and breathless sound.  I first found Anna playing at a local church, of all things, dishing out salvation with rocking Christian ballads.  However, do not pigeon hole this woman because her pop music is sublime.  She sings “sometimes the truth is something you can’t see” encouraging lovers not to rush it and give each other “Room to Breathe”*, an original tune that shows off her exquisite voice.  I’ve seen her play piano and sing and trust me, she makes it look easy.  Anna plays at 9:15; don’t miss it.


Playing earlier for Grrrlz Rock is the all-girl teen rock band She’s Not Dead coming in for the show from Portland.  Think sleepover party on steroids with rock instruments.  They are having a blast, writing their own material and rocking out with enthusiasm. Sure, they need more experience and polish, but Grrrlz Rock is all about getting a band like this out in front to gain that extra special something that comes from audience appreciation.  “Don’t Stay”* has real potential with solid guitar riffs and lot’s of punch.  I find them appealing and refreshing.  The line up also includes Bajuana Tea, Betty and the Boy and several others.  $10 at the door, show starts early at 6:00 and goes through to 11:00.


Finally, Sam Bond’s is featuring Mood Area 52 along with Birdie Jo and the Ferns for a $5 cover.  This will be solid good music with the neighborhood feel of this iconic venue and plenty of Black Butte Porter.   The musicians in Mood Area 52 and Birdie Jo swap out and morph back and forth.  There’s no predicting exactly how it will all work out, but that just makes it fun.  Be assured that you cannot do better musically; whoever decides to show and play will give a great performance.  The show as billed rockabilly and post rock so I guess Mood Area may be less tango and more rock for this one.

I see no reason to stick to the safety and comfort of the couch after the game.  The music calls and I must answer.  See you out there my friends.

LA Thompson, EDN

Night on the Town sponsored by:

Original Music

Mile Post, Trip Wire Project : Rock : black Forest – 10:00pm
Robert Meade : Acoustic : Granary – 7:00pm
Forgotten Works : Acoustic : Wandering Goat – 9:00pm
$5 – Strange Vine, Guitar Recovery Project, Poli High : Variety : Axe & Fiddle – 8:00pm
$6 – “Occupy Cozmic” w/David Rovicks & Co. : folk activism : Cozmic Pizza – 8:30pm
$5 – Just People : Indie rock : Granary – 10:00pm
$5 – Full Lush, Wetsock : Ska rock : Luckey’s – 10:00pm
$5 – Mood Area 52, Birdie Jo, Ferns : Rockabilly, post rock : Sam Bond’s – 9:30pm
$10 – GRRRLZ Rock: Anna Gilbert, Bajuana Tea, fivebyfive, Betty & the Boy, She’s Not Dead, Olivia Langley : WOW Hall – 5:30pm

Cover & Tribute Bands

The Valley Boys : Rock : Happy Hours – 8:00pm
The M80’s : Rock : Mohawk Tavern – 9:00pm
No Way Out : Rock : O’Donnell’s – 9:00pm
Caught in the Act Dance Party : Rock : Village Green – 9:00pm
The Survivors : rock : Yukon Jack’s – 9:00pm

Blues, Jazz & Country

Gerry Rempel Trio, Gus Russell, Byron Case : Jazz : Downtown Athletic Club – 8:00pm
Molly Nord : Piano improv : Hidden Valley – 6:00pm
Eddie & the Drifting Pines : Folk blues : Mulligan’s – 9:00pm
$6 – Michael Tracey, The Hi-Tones : Blues, rock soul : Mac’s – 9:00pm

Dance, DJ, Hip Hop, Other

“Sup!” w/Sassy Mouff, Michael Human & Guests : Top40 Electro : Cowfish – 9:30pm
DJ J-Will : Dance mix : Doc’s Pad – 8:00pm
DJ Crown : Hip hop, dance : Taylor’s Bar & Grille – 10:00pm

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