Saturday night and where’s the party?  I’m looking for a more subdued atmosphere myself tonight, but don’t worry if you want something with more punch.  There’s plenty of variety for everyone to sample.  In fact, there’s a smorgasbord served up in town tonight.

In a slight break from tradition, I’m giving a nod to Concrete Loveseat performing at Cozmic Pizza tonight as a great place to start the evening.  The show is billed as rock, which I think might be a mistake.  They’ve been getting a bit of buzz as a jazz group that covers jazz standards.  One reason I’m going to check them out is that Marty Chinchilla (Sugar Beets founding member) is playing guitar behind lead singer Cynthia Valentine Healy.  If Marty’s backing Cynthia, she’s got something special, probably a great voice and stage presence.  No cover, so grab a slice of Full Moon pizza and get started early.

Concrete Loveseat

Just one block down 8th Avenue to WOW Hall for the next sample.  We Were Promised Jetpacks is stopping off at our little berg, much to the delight of punk fans.  High energy, Scottish, young, intense and barely old enough to shave…need I say more?  Of course, I should mention that their harmonies are sweet, sweet, sweet and when lead vocals Adam Thompson sings “I’ll die for you” in their early hit “Quiet Little Voices” with a Scottish accent, this old cougar’s heart melts.  Also in the lineup is indie band Royal Bangs out of Knoxville. Who could resist a live performance of a tune called “Waking Up Weird”? So don’t resist.  Doors open at 8:30 so line up for a ticket; even at $15, this show will sell out.

The girls are taking over Sam Bond’s Garage tonight with the Grrrlz Rock 2011 moving in to the delight of those of us who know that girls who want to feel the music in their souls.  Grrrlz Rock is a month-long festival that celebrates the participation and growth of women in music and the arts.  Tonight, Sam Bond’s is hosting with a line up of some great acts.  There’s an all-ages show that starts at 5:30 with sets that appeal to the young and young at heart.  This is a show for parents to bring their kids to as inspiration will abound from Olivia Langley, School of Rock and fivebyfive.  Then the kids clear out, Sam Bond’s goes grown-up throughout the pub.  The female duo Left Turn Only kicks off the show at 9:30 with oh so sweet vocal harmonies, followed by funk rock band Dubious.  Gutsy lead vocalist Heather Davis will get the audience moving for a robust set.  On into the night, Douglas County Daughters play a set and Crooked River wraps up after midnight. I happened to catch Douglas County Daughters at last year’s Grrrlz Rock.  The Daughters are drop dead gorgeous women with extraordinary voices.  A quieter evening, feminine energy and the neighborhood feel all served up at Sam Bond’s with pint of Black Butte Porter sounds soothing for a rainy November Saturday night.  The early show is free, the later show has a $5 cover.

Douglas County Daughters

Finally, I’d like to mention a completely silly little thing happening at O’Donnells that might just be a ton of fun.  Normal Bean is playing good old classic rock covers, okay, but what’s special?  O’Donnells is also hosting something called a “Tom, Dick and Harry Party” that involves drink specials all through the night.  Basically, patrons pull one of the three names out of a hat and during the evening, the band will announce a drink special, like 2 for a dollar jello shots, for those holding the right Tom, Dick, or Harry ticket.  The people watching should get interesting as folks determine which group is getting the drunkest on the drink specials.  I’m  thinking it’s got to be Harry, but who knows?  Check it out for me and let me know.

If you aren’t having a good time tonight, you’re clinically depressed and need professional help.  No excuses.

-LA Thompson, EDN

Original Music

Trauma Vision, Black Hare, Power 4: MetalThe Astoria – 8:00

$3-$5 Fall Lush, Ego Machine, Dead Cat Hat: Americana – Axe & Fiddle – 9:00

Black Delany, Security in Numbers: Punk rockOak St. Speakeasy – 9:00

Johnson Creek Stranglers: Outlaw Country – Downtown Lounge – 10:00

Crimson Guardian, Kyckwyd, Earth to Ashes: MetalBlack Forest – 10:00

$6 Y La Bamba, Death Songs: Indie Rock Cozmic Pizza – 9:00

$6 Soulicious: FunkMac’s – 9:00

$15 We Were Promised Jet Packs, Royal Bangs, Bear Hands : Punk, rockWOW Hall – 9:00

Cover & Tribute Bands

Coupe De ville: Rock covers Embers – 8:30

Joybox: Rock Quacker’s – 8:00

Rock Steady: RockVillage Green – 9:00

Normal Bean: Rock; also a Tom, Dick & Harry Party: Game nightO’Donnells – 9:00

Blues, Jazz & Country

Concrete Loveseat: Jazz/some rockCozmic Pizza – 6:00

Back Porch Soiree: BluegrassBrewster’s Pizza – 6:00

Molly Nord: Piano ImprovHidden Valley – 6:00

WJ McEachern: FolkGranary – 7:00

Christie & McCallum: Americana Tiny Tavern – 9:30

$5 Bump in the Road: CountryWhiskey River Ranch – 9:00

$10 Paul Safar, Art Resnick Trio: JazzJazz Station – 8:00

Dance, DJ, Hip Hop, Other

DJ Will: Dance mix Doc’s Pad – 8:00

Ladies’ Night – Conways – 9

Launchpad: ElectroWandering Goat – 9:00

“Sup!” w/Sassy Mouff, Michael Human & Guests: Top 40, electroCowfish – 9:30

DJ Crown: Hip hop, danceTaylor’s Bar & Grille – 10:00

$3-$5 Sol Seed, Taste: ReggaeGranary – 10:00

$5 Grrrlz Rock: variety, rockSam Bond’s – 9:00