Chipisms of the 2011 season

1. “Hey, will you shut up?”

— In response to loud fans in the background as Erin Andrews interviewed him after the Arizona State game.

2. “Our players play from a desire to excel — not a fear of failure. I’m not yanking a kid when he puts the ball on the ground. As I learned from Paul Westhead a long time ago, you may stop the bleeding, but you may kill the patient and that’s not going to happen here.”

— On De’Anthony Thomas’ fumbles after the LSU game.

3. Q: “Coach, what do you say to the critics that say that the Pac-12 doesn’t play any defense?”

Kelly: “I don’t care.”

Q: “Pardon me?”

Kelly: “I don’t care.”

— A moment of defiance after the Rose Bowl victory.

4. “I would like him to be in outer space. If we could get that taken care of, put him in a rocket and send him to the moon for the weekend …”

— On Stanford’s Andrew Luck, and whether he would rather defend him in space or in the pocket.

5. “We’re going to go drink some Dr. Pepper, and mail our Christmas presents with UPS!”

— Plugging Pac-12 sponsors after winning the Pac-12 Championship

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