Occupy Eugene Rallies Against Police Presence

Occupy Eugene says Eugene police are overstepping their bounds.

The group held a rally Friday in Kesey Square to discuss what members say is an unnecessary increase in police contact downtown.

The rally was more like a public conversation about rights.

The discussion was partly inspired by a $280 ticket issued to Occupy Eugene member and Kesey Square Revival Co-Founder Alley Valkyrie in late February

But protesters claim it’s more about the volume of incidents like hers.

They think the homeless and disenfranchised are being targeted, especially after an exclusion zone extension.

Valkyrie says she propped her foot up on a planter outside Horsehead Bar and was then charged with trespassing.

Demonstrators think the ticket is an example of police harassment.

“I was standing on the sidewalk and he told me well you can leave right now or you’re going to jail. So I was told to leave a public sidewalk, after touching a planter in the middle of the day, that belonged to an establishment where I am a regular customer,” Valkyrie said.

Horsehead Bar is private property. But Valkyrie says at the time she was issued the ticket, she saw other people touching private property and they did not get a ticket.

Valkyrie claims the officer’s report was falsified even though the ticket has been dropped.

The Eugene Police Department says Valkyrie made comments Thursday night at the police commission meeting that contained one serious allegation of the officer lying on his report.

The police chief passed the allegation on to the police auditor for review.

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