Piercy, Prociw and Walrod to Debate


It’s official, incumbent Eugene Mayor Kitty Piercy will debate challengers Kevin Prociw and Jon Karl Walrod. The debate is scheduled for May 2 at Harris Hall at 7:30pm. Bethel School Superintendent Colt Gill will be the moderator.

Mayoral Candidate Kevin Prociw

Kevin Prociw originally issued a challenge to debate Mayor Piercy on the proposed West Eugene EMX project in March this year.  Mayor Piercy’s campaign manager Jake Foster responded that a candidate forum that addressed a wide range of issues affecting Eugene, including job creation and economic revitalization would be of value. They suggest the U of O as a venue, but ultimately Harris Hall was agreed upon.  Selecting the moderator was more of a challenge and included selections from both camps that were rejected, ultimately both agreed to Gill as the moderator.

Mayoral candidate Jon Karl Walrod (in the blue)

Each candidates will get four minutes to make an opening statement – in a random order, chosen by the moderator in view of the audience. The moderator will then ask a question that he or she writes regarding each of three topics: job creation, transportation, and economic development. Each of the three candidates will get three minutes to respond to each question. The moderator will then select questions from the audience – which have been submitted beforehand – and ask these questions. These questions may be related to the economy, public safety, transportation, social justice, or any other policy area relevant to the mayor’s job. Each of the three candidates will get 90 seconds to respond to these questions from the audience. The forum will last for 60 minutes.

The candidates met previously at a City Club of Eugene hosted public gathering of city council candidates and mayoral candidates on April 6th.  That meeting was less contentious than this debate looks to be.

Incumbent Mayor Kitty Piercy

“Job creation remains at the top of our list,” said Eugene Mayor Kitty Piercy.

“As mayor, my vision for Eugene would be to restore integrity and common sense to local government,” said Eugene mayoral candidate Kevin Prociw.

“We need to be able to not spend so much and live within our means,” said Eugene mayoral candidate Jon Walrod.

Both Prociw and Piercy have years of campaign experience, this will be Walrod’s first campaign.  Kevin Prociw is a City employee, Jon Walrod sells home security systems.

Many voters may have chosen their candidates, but all the candidates are hoping the debate will give voters some insight into their positions regarding Eugene, and either secure or sway that voter.

For more information:

Kitty Piercy: kittypiercy.com

Kevin Prociw: www.kevinformayor2012.org/

Jon Walrod: [email protected]

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