Photos by Kari Stubbert

tracings by Sarah Nance is open for public viewing at Eugene Contemporary Art (ECA)’s Wave Gallery. ECA operates The Wave Gallery in the Whiteaker neighborhood in Eugene at 547 Blair Blvd. Nance’s installation is available for viewing during gallery hours — Thursday through Saturday, 1-9 pm — until September 8. Nance, currently an MFA candidate (’13) in Fiber at the University of Oregon, will be giving a talk on her work on Wednesday, September 5, at 7 pm. In her artist statement, Nance states:

“My current work investigates the ability of nearly invisible matter to become entirely opaque through dense layering…A precise balance of strings, salt and light, the installations are delicately, hoveringly ephemeral—as transient and unfixed as the hazy boundaries delineating presence and non-presence.”