Local Lunch Gals: Burgers on the Run

food cart fare and vino - tough to beat on a sunny Oregon Saturday.
Back in May, we spotted Burgers on the Run and snapped this photo

Now that school is back in session and summer has nearly turned to fall, the Local Lunch Gals, Maria, Jennifer and I, were finally able to get together for a much needed lunch outing.

With the ideal late summer weather we’re having here in the Willamette Valley, we decided we would meet somewhere with outdoor seating so we could eat while enjoying the warm sunshine and cool breezes.

We met in the eclectic Whiteaker Neighborhood at Burgers on the Run, an eye-catching burger joint that we had spotted months ago while visiting the nearby Wandering Goat. Reminiscent of 50’s style diners, Burgers on the Run is housed inside an all-chrome mobile street kitchen complete with witty signs, a working stoplight, Old Glory and a University of Oregon flag. In front of the food cart, a meticulously landscaped area with picnic tables and Adirondack chairs offers an inviting place for diners to relax and enjoy while noshing on their burgers, sandwiches and fries.

Maria and Jennifer placing their orders

Starting at just $2.75 for a single burger, add-on options include American, Swiss, Pepperjack and Cream cheeses. Gourmet toppings like fire roasted jalapenos, organic fried egg and fresh ripe avocado, to name a few, can be added to each burger and sandwich. Every sandwich and burger automatically comes with the mayo-based 27 spice Signature sauce, lettuce, tomato, pickles and onions, and can be made into a combo meal with fries and a soda.

I ordered the Single Burger combo with American cheese and added fresh ripe avocado. Maria ordered the Fairway Grilled Chicken sandwich combo with mayo and no onions, and Jennifer, who is currently on the HCG diet, ordered the 100 percent Turkey Burger, no bun.

Italian Alto Adige Lagrein – great with a burger

If you’ve read any of our past Local Lunch Gals reviews, you know we usually choose places to eat that offer beer and wine, and knowing that food carts in Eugene are not allowed to sell any type of alcohol, I came prepared. In my purse, I had a bottle of wine, a bottle opener and a wine glass. Since Maria had been at work prior to our lunch meeting, she didn’t have a wine glass with her, but Jennifer brought a plastic wine glass from home. While we waited for our food to be prepared, we opened up the bottle of wine: a Lagrein from the Alto Adige region of Italy – a bold Italian red wine that pairs well with red meat.

I poured some into Maria’s paper cup (sorry Maria), some into Jennifer’s plastic wine glass and some into my wine glass, and we cheered to our first Local Lunch Gals outing in what seemed to be way too long.

Single Burger combo meal with a side of fresh avocado

When our food was ready for pick-up, I was happy to see my favorite kind of French fries, shoestrings, alongside a mouthwatering juicy burger. I asked for the avocado on the side, and I loved that it was a generous helping of thick, very fresh slices. At first bite, I could taste the many flavors of the 27 spice Signature sauce, which definitely made this burger stand out from others – it was delicious.

Jennifer and Maria really enjoyed their meals too; however, I’m sure Jennifer’s mouth was watering for some fries and a burger, though she did eat every last bite of her no-bun turkey burger which she cut up with the lettuce and tomato to make a salad. Maria’s chicken was juicy and packed full of the flavors it had been marinated in, and as you can tell in the photo, she was diggin’ it.

Maria clearly enjoying the Fairway Chicken sandwich – I hope we’ll still be friends after she sees this!

The Italian Lagrein I brought was a prefect match with the juicy, flavorful burger; in fact, we all loved the wine so much that it dissipated rather quickly. What do wine gals do who are not ready to be done with sipping good wine while spending time with good friends? We find a solution. First we attempted to have someone deliver us a bottle of wine through a pleading post on Facebook. No luck. We did have other options: Red Barn Grocery was only a couple blocks away and a small market was right around the corner; however, Eugene Wine Cellars was in plain view from where we sat.

Thank you Eugene Wine Cellars!

Since the gracious owner of Burgers on the Run didn’t mind that we were sticking around after we had finished our meals, we opted to head over to Eugene Wine Cellars to see if we were lucky enough to score a bottle of wine from an urban winery that does not have a tasting room or a retail outlet [at this location]. After attempting a few knocks on the locked door, we thought we may need to head over to Red Barn Grocery after all. But, as luck would have it, a forklift operator was hard at work lifting pallets of cases of wine just outside the winery. We waved him down and asked if we could purchase just one bottle of wine. At first, he looked at us like we were crazy wino women (perhaps we were), but once he realized we were serious, he made a quick call to the owner who agreed to sell us a bottle of B2 2009 Pinot Noir. Mission accomplished.

The three chairs we claimed for the afternoon

We headed back to Burgers on the Run, pulled the Adirondack chairs into the grass between the street and the food cart, and made ourselves comfortable while we relished in a glass of great local wine and marvelous conversation. The owner of Burgers on the Run mentioned that we had broken a record for being the longest staying customers he had ever had, and we really appreciated his hospitality.

We will, for sure, be returning to Burgers on the Run. Overall, the prices were exceptional, the food was outstanding, and the owner is approachable, accommodating and amicable. We highly recommend this one-of-a-kind food cart.

Burgers on the Run

Burgers on the Run is located in the parking lot of Builder’s Electric at 195 Madison, diagonally across the street from The Wandering Goat and just two buildings away from Eugene Wine Cellars.  The empty building that now sits in between Builder’s Electric and Eugene Wine Cellars is the future home of Oakshire Brewing. Just around the corner from Burgers on the Run is the future home of Hop Valley. I’m pretty sure owner, Steve O’Brien, found the perfect spot for his All-American burger joint.

Special thanks to Burgers on the Run, Steve O’Brien, for his hospitality and great conversation with the Local Lunch Gals. Not only was O’Brien gracious and hospitable, but he gives back to the community that surrounds him with kindness and generosity; in addition to, donating to both Food For Lane County and St. Vincent de Paul’s.

For a full review of the Italian Lagrein and the B2 Pinot Noir, follow me over to WineJulia.com. B2 wine is produced by Eugene wine Cellars and their tasting room is in the B2 Wine Bar located in Crescent Village at 2794 Shadow View, Eugene.

Julia has been in the wine industry for nearly 20 years. First through creating European wine tours, then opening her own wine bar, Julia loves writing about food & wine on her website, WineJulia.com.

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