Macklemore and Ryan Lewis
Seattle hip-hop artists

Macklemore – Rapper
Ryan Lewis – Producer
Owuor Arunga – Trumpet
Andrew Joslyn – Violin
Ray Dalton – Vocalist

Hailing from Seattle, Washington, Macklemore (Ben Haggerty) has emerged as one of the more brilliant young hip-hop artists to come from the northwest in quite some time.

To say that Macklemore and Ryan Lewis have taken the northwest by storm would be an understatement.

Starting off his career by rapping at local block parties during his time at Garfield High School, Macklemore quickly established himself as one of the emerging artists in the Seattle area. Focusing on issues such as drug addiction, the Seattle area, and personal stories, Macklemore’s music truly comes from the heart.

In 2012, Macklemore officially teamed up with DJ Ryan Lewis to create an EP entiled VS. Redux that was an instant hit in Seattle. Since then, Ryan Lewis has become an integral part of the Macklemore experience.

Since partnering with Ryan Lews, Macklemore has seen his popularity shoot through the roof. Still sticking with a message that relays his own background, Macklemore has begun to take the hip-hop world by storm, recently releasing his debut album, The Heist, on October 9, 2012. That album, since its debut, shot up the US Billboard list, officially debuting at number two on the US Billboard 200.