Yes, Eugene’s favorite entertainment guide to what’s happening at night is back – Night on the Town.  Enough reminiscing, lets get right to it:

Say yes to the peaches. The Twangshifters

Friday nights need a kickoff besides the local Friday Night Lights football games.  Tonight its happening at Oakshire Brewery because there’s more than great beer there tonight – they’ve got Dirty Spoon, the band. Think dockside pirate meets hipster folk chick and they have a laid back unshaven child. Sounds nasty, but it’s good pre-festivities mood music.  We’d link you to more than a weak video if they actually had a website – but they translate better live anyways.

Rock & Roll – Rockabilly – Roots – Blues: Once you’ve put the weeks stress out of it’s misery it’s off to The Twangshifters. With a slinky 50’s sounding,  guitar slinging, often barefoot chanteuse singing about Peaches & Lungs how do you say no?  If you are a self-respecting rockabilly fan, the shifters are already on your “go see” list.  If not, then check out:

We have to give the nod to Rob Cullivan from the Portland Tribune:

[gn_quote style=”1″]The Twangshifters are one of those bands you stumble across one night on a bender and never forget. Playing stripped down, no-nonsense rockabilly, blues and rock ’n’ roll, they’re the love children of Carl Perkins and Patsy Cline…bring a pack of filterless ciggies for the breaks in between.[/gn_quote]

For those who still haven’t adapted to the return of rain, or you just want to take the kids along, you should be over to Cirque du Soleil’s production, “Quidam”, at Matthew Knight Arena. Though it isn’t cheap, the experience is more than worth what you pay for it.  Check out our review.  “There come times in every life when they witness something so powerful, so beautiful, and so intoxicating that they immediately understand that they are in the presence of the world’s greatest.”

You might have more fun in Los Angeles or New York, but you’d have to get there first.  See you out there.  Yes, it’s good to be back.

Original Music

Timothy Patrick (Acoustic humorist) – Amici Restaurant – 5:00pm

Candace Kreitlow (Folk) – Aquila & Priscilla’s – 6:00pm

PaperTrain, Surviving Lillian (rock) – Goodfellas – 9:00pm

NineDice & guests (Rock) – Oak St. Speakeasy – 9:00pm

Christie & McCallum (Americana) – Tiny Tavern – 9:30pm

The Most Terrible Mountains (Indie) – Wandering Goat – 9:00pm (21+)

$5 The Twangshifters (Rock/Americana/Rockabilly) – Mac’s – 9:00pm

$5-$10 donations A Benefit for WomenSpace w/Ferns & Lauren Walter-Rozells (Rock/Indie) – Luckey’s – 10:00pm

$10 Tony Furtado (Americana) – Axe & Fiddle – 8:30pm

Blues, Jazz & Country

Hank Shreve Band (Blues) – Dexter Lake Club – 9:oopm

Aftermath (Jazz) – Hilton Hotel – 7:00pm

Adam Harris Trio (Jazz) – West End Tavern – 9:00pm

$5 The Fiddlin’ Big Sue Band (Newgrass/Blues) – Sam Bond’s – 9:30pm

$5 Joe Manis Trio – Jazz Station – 8:00pm

Dance, DJ, Hip-hop, Other

DJ Food Stamp – Level Up – 9:00pm

Dance party hits w/ DJ Scoot & DJ Pheonix – The Rok – 10:00pm

Sci-fi Party – Cowfish – 9:00pm – No cover before 10:30pm

Any fraternity/sorority party