These days you can find and purchase almost anything because of the internet. But alas, I cannot seem to find the book “101 Shaggy Dog Jokes” anywhere. I checked this book out a number of times from my elementary school library, and I loved it. I even memorized a few of the jokes.

Q: “What is the first thing a shaggy dog does when it jumps in the swimming pool?”
A: “It gets wet.”
Q: “How do you make a shaggy dog float?”
A: “Two scoops of ice cream, root beer, and a shaggy dog.”

Yes, these jokes are ridiculous, but it is a children’s book (I still think they’re funny). Not being able to find this book makes me feel like it died; and books shouldn’t ever die. This digital age we live in has brought us unlimited access to books in both digital and hardcopy; however, It seems like “101 Shaggy Dog Jokes” slipped through the cracks.

I recently finished Richard Dawkins’ book “The Greatest Show on Earth”, which is about evolution. Dawkins is a world renowned evolutionary biologist who writes informally about the science and brilliance of evolution. There were 2-parts in the book that I found rather dense, but the rest was a breeze to read and understand. My favorite part of the book was learning about all the strange but true happenings in the natural world and the evolutionary explanations behind them. Dawkins writes about some very strange flora and fauna, and the addition of full color photos with in-depth captions is very helpful in visualizing what he is writing about. If you want to understand evolution, this book is a must read.

Looking for literature with a cowboy twang? If you are, look no further than the High Desert Journal, which is based out of Bend, Oregon. This local publication includes poetry, non-fiction, art, and fiction about the American west. I discovered this gem at Barnes & Noble, and read through it while scarfing some pumpkin cheesecake at the cafe. Highlights in the current issue include a short non-fiction piece titled Occupy Fossil by Jack E. Lorts (fossil has less than 500 people), a report on the national cowboy poetry gathering, and the art-conscious spacious formatting. You can pick the High Desert Journal up at Barnes & Noble or you can subscribe for $15.00 at their website.

As October comes to an end, don’t let it end without reading any Edgar Allen Poe, the original master of suspense and terror. Wait until it’s late and everyone in the house has gone to bed, sit in a cozy chair next to the lamp, read The Raven or The Fall of The House of Usher or whatever your favorite Poe writings are, and let your imagination run loose in the silence of your own home.

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