The Exclusion Zone – October 5th


Exclusion Request – Case Summary for October 5th.

Around midnight on October 3, Officers responded to 8th & Lincoln regarding an assault that had just occurred. The victim reported the suspect had struck him approximately five times and bit his arm hard enough to tear the skin. Officers located the suspect and arrested him for Assault.  During the arrest, which was filmed on In-Car Video, the suspect called one officer by racial slurs. While in the back of the patrol car the suspect deliberately struck his head on the partition that separates the back seat from the front passenger compartment, which caused a laceration that required seven sutures. The suspect was threatening to officers, medics and hospital staff. The suspect was lodged in the jail under the charges of Assault, Disorderly Conduct and Criminal Mischief 3.

The suspect is a white male, age 24, of Junction City.

Previous arrests as follows:
Theft-1 Sale (1)
Theft-3 (2)
Theft-3 warrant (6)
Animal Abuse-1 (2)
Assault Public Safety Officer (1)
Attempted Assault (1)
Assault (1)
Burglary-1 (1)
Burglary-2 (1)
Burglary-2 warrant (4)
Criminal Mischief-1 (1)
Criminal Mischief-2 (3)
Criminal Mischief-2 warrant (3)
Criminal Mischief-3 (1)
Criminal Mischief-3 (5)
Criminal Trespass-1 (1)
Criminal Trespass-2 (1)
Criminal Trespass-2 warrant (1)
Harassment (2)
Harassment warrant (3)
Minor Possess/Purchase Liquor Consume (1)
Order of Juvenile Court Probation Violation warrant (2)
Probation Violation warrant (1)
Recklessly Endangering Public Safety Officer (1)
Attempted Harassment (1)
Unlawful Entry Motor Vehicle (1)
Unlawful Entry Motor Vehicle warrant (1)

Minor in Possession Liquor (1)
Criminal Trespass-1 (1)
Criminal Trespass-2 (10)
Criminal Mischief-2 (1)
Assault-4 (2)
Attempted Assault Public Safety Officer (1)
Disorderly Conduct 2 (3)
Minor Possess / Purchase Liquor (11)
Minor In Possess Liquor (6)
Possession Controlled Substance Schedule-2 Methamphetamine (1)
Possession Less Than 1 OZ Marijuana (5)
Theft-2 (1)
Theft-3 (1)
Dog Vicious (1)
Dog At Large (1)
Consumption Unlicensed Premise / Open Container (2)
Harassment (1)
Violation Park Rules Alcohol (1)
Unlawful Entry Motor Vehicle (1)


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