What’s the first rule of Fight Club?

For those of you in need of a refresher, don’t talk about it. Well, we’re taking some liberties and breaking that rule (sort of) today as we kick off the Friday edition of Night on the Town.

There’s a Duck football game tomorrow, but it’s not just a Duck football game tomorrow: it’s Oregon vs. USC, the game we have been waiting for all year long. It’s time for the Ducks to get revenge and we are excited about that. Confidence in hand, we’re going to start celebrating today.

Who’s excited for a night on the town with Chuck Palahniuk? Yeah…we are.

That’s right, pregaming for Oregon vs. USC officially starts tonight,and we’re gong to start at the Rogue Public House. Have you tried their award winning Hazelnut Brown Nectar Ale? It’s time.

Next we are off to Fight Club. Well…sort of.

Tonight Chuck Palahniuk (Pawl-an-yiook), the author of Fight Club and a University of Oregon grad, will be hosting a reading at the WOW Hall, where he will be joined by Chelsea Cain and Lidia Yuknavitch. Ok, so a book reading doesn’t sound too thrilling at first. But remember, this is Chuck Palahniuk we are talking about; he’s found a way to spice this one up by making it an adult pajama party – a continuation on national dress up day (Halloween). Still not onboard? Just stick with us on this one, the books that they will be reading from are Invisible Monsters Remix (Palahniuk) and Dora (Yuknavitch).

Here’s an excerpt from Invisible Monters Remix:

“Fewer people shut down their computers anymore, and who can blame them? The moment that monitor goes black, you’re looking at yourself, not smiling, not anything. Here’s your worst-ever passport photo enlarged to life size. Swimming behind the eBook words of Jane Austen, that slack, dead-eyed zombie face, that’s yours. That’s you.” – Chuck Palahniuk, Introduction

Looking like a literary Daniel Craig as Bond – Chuck Palahniuk brings his next work to the WOW Hall tonight.

Yeah, it’s that kind of pajama party book reading; one that will involve adult beverages mixed into a night of sobering crazy. Think of this event as if you were going to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show with a bunch of strangers around Halloween; it’s going to get weird.

Tomorrow our eyes will be glued to the television and college football all day; a day that will culminate with Oregon vs. USC. Tonight we’re making sure to get out on the town and get weird with Palahniuk and company. Should there be the time for more reverie and celebration after the pajama party, check out any of the fine bands listed below.

Original Music

Jonezer: 5th St. Cornucopia 9:30pm
Timothy Patrick: Acoustic humorist: Amici Restaurant 5pm
Christie & McCallum: Americana: Billy Mac’s Bar & Grill 7:30pm
Marty Chilla: Lavelle’s 6pm
Amblin: Acoustic: West End Tavern 8pm
$5 Rusty Still, Texas Toasters: Bluegrass: Axe & Fiddle 8:30pm


DLC Roadhouse Band: Rock/Blues: Dexter Lake Club 9pm
Red Thunder: Classic rock: Yukon Jack’s 9pm
$3 The Upbeat-60s: ’60s soul/reggae: Luckey’s 10pm

Blues, Jazz,  and Country

Heavy Chevy: Blues/Rock & Roll: The Embers 9pm
Aftermath: Jazz: Hilton Hotel 7pm
$5 Ben Rice Band w/Paul Biondi & Lloyd Tolbert: Rock/Blues: Mac’s 9pm
$7 ($5 students) UO Honors Jazz Combos: Aasen-Hull Hall 7:30pm
$10 Petunia & The Vipers: Folk/Roots/Blues: Sam Bond’s 9:30pm

Dance, DJ, Hip-hop, & Other

Audio Schizophrenic: Electronic: Cowfish 9pm
DJ Jeff Ray & DJ Smuve: Hip-hop: Level Up 9pm
Hamilton Beach, The Great Hiatum: Funk/electronica: Oak St. Speakeasy 9pm
DJ Scoot & DJ Phoenix: The Rok 10pm
Karaoke: El Dorado 9pm
Karaoke: Harleys & Horses 9pm
Karaoke: The Keg 9pm
Karaoke: The O Bar 9:30pm
Karaoke: O’Donnell’s 9pm
Karaoke: Porky’s Palace 8pm
Karaoke: Raven A Pub 9pm
Karaoke: Red Lion Inn 9pm
Karaoke: Side Bar 9pm
Karaoke: Strike City 8pm
Karaoke: Tapatio 9pm