High School football playoffs are officially in full swing and those of us into football (that’s everyone yes?) we are ready to celebrate the kickoff with a great night out.  That’s after watching the squad from Sheldon High School take on David Douglas that is.

What, you don’t particularly care about Sheldon High School’s football team (they are, after all, just one high school in the Eugene area)?  Well, if you like football, you should start.  They are the statewide poll favorites for the State Championship this year. Besides, one of them may just be the next De’Anthony Thomas, Colt Lyerla, or even Marcus Mariota; can you say Connor Strahm?

For those of you not going to the game, you can join the rest of us; we have decided we are in the social mood and will be hitting up the Barmuda Triangle. Last time we were there was on Halloween and we found no excuse to leave the area all night.

Members of the Dropkick Murphys

Though we wouldn’t mind spending the rest of the night in this area, there is way to much action elsewhere tonight. That action will take place at one of two venues:

First is the WOW Hall.  Can you say “The Dropkick Murphy’s”? Admittedly this will be a tough ticket to get if you don’t already have one. These guys are a nationally renowned band and tickets went fast. For those of us who will be fortunate enough to check these guys out, this concert is going to kick some butt. If you’re unfamiliar with TDMs, they have a unique Irish sound melded with modern rock. The WOW Hall will be packed.

If you didn’t score a ticket for the Dropkick Murphy’s, then you’ll want to find your way to the Granary on 5th Street. Here you will get the opportunity to check out GRRRLZ Rock. Don’t worry, they’re not some hip-hop, pop, teenage band who classify themselves as Bieber believers. Now you have two choices for the set you would like to watch. While there will be plenty of great artists performing before 9pm, the 21 and over showcase starts at 9pm and is the reason we will be heading over to 5th. At this time we’ll kick out all the young kids and be able to listen to the music of Engraved and The Great Hiatum while checking out what the women of Eugene have to offer.

See you out there.

Original Music

Timothy Patrick: Acoustic: Amici Restaurant 5pm
Surviving Lillian: Rock: Goodfellas 9:30pm
(Sold Out) Dropkick Murphys w/Teenage Bottlerockets & The Mahones: McDonald Theatre 8pm
Forget One Thing, The Barger Boys, Mike Surber & the Long Con: Rock: Oak St. Speakeasy 9pm
Crag Sorseth & Tom West: Saginaw Vineyard 6pm
Peter Giri & Lloyd Tolbert: Acoustinc: Sam’s Place 8pm
(Donation) Ananya & The Big Small: Electric Rock: Tiny Taverrn 9pm
Monolith Unplugged: Village Green 9pm
$5-$7 donation GRRRLZ Rock: Multiple artists: Granary 6pm
$5 James Apollo, Murzik, The Horde & the Harem: Folk/indie: Axe & Fiddle 8:30pm
$5 Poor Man’s Poison, Sockeye Sawtooth: Americana: Luckey’s 10pm
$12 The Shook Twins, Daniel Rodriguez of Elephant Revival: Americana: Sam Bond’s 9:30pm
$12 Advance ($15 door) Jolie Holland w/Old Light: Americana: WOW Hall 9pm


DLC Roadhouse Band: Rock/Blues: Dexter Lake Club 9pm
Lost Highway: Country/Rock & Roll: Happy Hours 8pm
McKenzie Express: Springfield VFW 7pm
$10 Blue Skies Band w/ Jewel Tones: Swing: Springfield Elks Club 6:30pm

Blues, Jazz, and Country

Aftermath: Jazz: Hilton Hotel 7pm
Breakers Yard: Blues/Jazz: Meridian 5pm
$5 Country Backroads: Country: Whiskey River Ranch 9pm
$5 ($4 members) Chris Orsinger: Soul Jazz: Jazz Station 8pm
$6 Soulicious: Fuck/R&B/Soul: Mac’s 9pm
$15 ($10 Students) Little Black Train: Jazz/Folk: House Concert 7:30pm

Dance, DJ, Hip-hop, & Other

Audio Schizophrenic: Electro: Cowfish 9pm
DJ Food Stamp: Level Up 9pm
DJ Scoot & DJ Pheonix: Dance party hits: The Rok 10pm
Karaoke: El Dorado 9pm
Karaoke: Harleys & Horses 9pm
Karaoke: The Keg 9pm
Karaoke: The O Bar 9:30pm
Karaoke: O’Donnell’s 9pm
Karaoke: Porky’s Palace 8pm
Karaoke: Raven A Pub 9pm
Karaoke: Red Lion Inn 9pm
Karaoke: Side Bar 9pm
Karaoke: Strike City 8pm
Karaoke: Tapatio 9pm