Wednesday it was Halloween. Thursday was a cruiser. Yesterday we got out there with Chuck Palahniuk. Today it’s Oregon vs. USC. Trying to decide what the highlight of the weekend will end up being is harder than trying to decide what candy from your kid’s Halloween stash to eat.

Though all the other nights on this extended weekend have been memorable, at least for us, tonight’s events may be the cream of the crop. For those of us who circled this day just under a year ago as the day of the Duck revenge, today could not have come fast enough.

How do we do that while being 857 miles away (yeah, we googled it) and in no way physically ready to contribute on the football field? We get out to The Cooler and participate in a Duck road game the right way. It’s close to Autzen Stadium so that’s at least reasonably symbolic; plus it’s got a huge projection screen so the game will literally be in your face. They’ve also got drinks and good food. While there is nothing compared to watching an Oregon drubbing of USC in person, we’ll take this as the second best option.

eager beavers - the band

Here’s a shot of the EB’s at Oak Street. That’s where we’ll be tonight.

Victory Celebration: This is an easy call – The Eager Beavers. All innuendo from this point on are purely your own issue. Here’s a link to some EB videos to give you an idea why We’d pick the Beavers after a Duck game. Oak Street Speakeasy is one Eugene’s downtown underground spots, lots of standing room, but the sound down there is usually excellent.

In the remote case of a loss: See above…and see you out there.

Original Music

Confidant: Indie/Folk: 5th St. Cornucopia 9:30pm
Chico Schwall’s Mr. Chico’s Weird Guitars: Atrium Building Courtyard 2pm
Mike Denny Trio: Rock: Ax Billy Grill 8pm
The Native Sibling: Indie/folk: Wandering Goat 9pm
Paul Quillen: Alternative/Acoustic: Rye 9:30pm
Eager Beavers: Sassy Smart Rock:Oak St. Speakeasy9pm (Grrrlz Rock Concert Series)
$5 Garden Goat, Jacuzzi, Harvey Girls: Indie rock/Funk/Pop: Luckey’s 10pm
$7 Laura Kemp, T.R. Kelly: Americana: Sam Bond’s 9pm
$20 Advance ($22 door) David Wilcox w/ Cassandra Robertson: Singer-songwriter: WOW Hall 8pm


Red Thunder: Classic Rock: Yukon Jack’s 9pm
Christie & McCallum: Americana: Happy Hours 8pm
DJ Rock ‘n’ Roll Damnation: ’70s & 80s rock: Level Up 9pm

Blues, Jazz, and Country

Wayne Drury Project: Alternative country: Axe & Fiddle 8pm
DLC Roadhouse Band: Rock/Blues: Dexter Lake Club 9pm
Bruce Henry & Brian DeLeon: Country rock: West End Tavern 8pm
$5 Skip Jones & the Spirit of New Orleans: Blues: Mac’s 9pm
$5 ($4 members) Tom Bergeron Brasil Band: Jazz Station 8pm

Dance, DJ, Hip-hop, & Other

“Sup!” w/ Sassy Mouff, Michael Human & Guests: Electro: Cowfish 9:30pm
DJ J-Will: Dance mix: Doc’s Pad 8pm
DJ Scoot & DJ Pheonix: The Rok 10pm
DJ Crown: Hip-hop: Taylor’s Bar & Grill 10pm
$3 DIPPED w/ DJs Billy & Food Stamp: Davis 3pm
G.L.A.M. (drag and dancing): John Henry’s 10pm
Karaoke: Tapatio 9pm
Karaoke: Strike City 8pm
Karaoke: Sonny’s Tavern 9pm
Karaoke: Red Lion Inn 9pm
Karaoke: Raven A Pub 9pm
Karaoke: Quackers 9pm
Karaoke: Pour House 9pm
Karaoke: Porky’s Palace 8pm
Karaoke: Harleys & Horses 9pm
Karaoke: El Dorado 9pm
Karaoke: Duck Inn 10pm