Here is the next entry in the EDN series of profiles for the upcoming men’s UO basketball season. Today’s profile is Senior forward, Carlos Emory.

The adjectives used to describe Carlos Emory are almost unending; 6th man, high-flying, spark off the bench, x-factor, disappearing.

The 6’5 Emory is going into his second year with the Ducks after transferring from small Howard College in Big Spring, Texas. Emory should be done with the growing pains associated with his first year in Eugene after playing in all 34 games last season.

In Emory’s first 20 games last season, he only scored double figures in one contest, averaging 3.4 points per game. Emory wasn’t producing like he wanted to or playing as much as he wanted to. In that 20 game span Emory was held scoreless 5 times and his frustration was apparent. The Ducks had an eight day break between games and, in that time, Emory did some soul searching on how to improve his game and be the player he wanted to be for the Ducks. His results: work harder in practice and move at game speed all the time.

Then against in-state foe Oregon State ,Emory broke out to the tune of 11 points. Emory continued that hot streak to finish the season scoring in double figures in 10 of the Ducks’ last 14 games. Emory’s points per game almost tripled in the second half of the season to 11.1 points and 5.4 rebounds per game. Twice Emory set a career high in points with 19.

Carlos Emory of the Oregon Ducks

Carlos Emory will be looking to forward the momentum from his impressive second-half of the 2011-2012 college basketball season. Photo courtesy of

Emory is an athletic freak who is best out in transition. Emory plays most of his game above the rim, finishing alley-oops and tomahawk dunks with ease. He is a terror on the break and defenders have no chance to stop him before his rises up and slams down a dunk. Emory is energetic on the defensive end and forces opponents into mistakes when Oregon traps because of his long wingspan and ability to deflect passes.

Offensively, Emory is best when he’s working off the ball, cutting and slashing. One of Oregon’s patented plays is throwing a lob to Emory off a back pick, resulting in an easy alley-oop for the Ducks. If Emory’s defender looks away for just a second Emory will cut to the basket for an easy score. When Emory does take the ball off the dribble, he uses an effective shot fake and a powerful first step to get past his defender. Once Emory gets inside, he can muscle his way in for a score.

To raise his game to a new level this season, Emory must improve his outside shooting. He is a below average three point shooter, shooting 29 percent from long range last season. However, when open Emory can step into and hit an open three, as he did three times when he set his career high last season against Utah.

If Emory can keep up his level of production from the end of last season, the Ducks will have the best 6th man in the Pac-12. With his versatility and athleticism, Emory will be a big key in making sure the Ducks will reach the Ducks reach their full potential this season. Most of all, Emory must play like everyday is game day and he’ll have success.