I’m going to start off this column by apologizing to all the die-hard baseball fans out there, especially our local Eugene Emeralds fans. True, you are most likely a small and dwindling group, but I applaud your fortitude and envy your dedication.  If I were a true Ems fan, or even a baseball fan, I would be crushed by our mid-season loss to Boise last night.  I, however, am apparently not a very good fan because I had a fun and rowdy time at last night’s game.  I love baseball games.  And, if in anyway you have been following this column, you know why: the beer.  Yes, I will admit that I enjoy our nation’s pastime for a less worthy, but in my mind just as patriotic reason.

Lana (far right) enjoying the Ems game and beer with friends on Tuesday.

Lana (far right) enjoying the Ems game and beer with friends on Tuesday.

Growing up in Eugene, summers were filled with family trips to the old Civic Stadium.  I loved the wooden benches, heckling fans, and most of all inning 6 when my dad finally let me get a sno-cone. In the time sense, my purple and blue sno-cone stained mouth has developed cravings more on the beer side, and luckily PK Park doesn’t disappoint.

Tuesday’s are craft beer night, so for just $3 for the small or $6.50 for the large cup, you can enjoy Ninkasi or Oakshire.  This year Ninkasi created a special red ale where fans submitted and voted on the name in June at the season opener.  The final decision: E.R.A or Emerald Red Ale.  (Just to prove how little of a baseball fan I am, it took me more than a second to realize the baseball connection).  Ems staff picked the hops, malts and general flavor profile that’s completely unique to PK Park. The beer is an amber colored red ale that has the classic crisp, hoppy Ninkasi body. It’s a beer that you can sip and enjoy on a hot day while taking in a game.

ERA is a hoppy Red Ale. Photo from ninkasibrewing.com.

Photo from Ninkasi Brewing

For you craft beer nerds here’s what’s in the beer: the malts are 2-Row Pale, Carahell, Bonlander Munich, Black Malt and Flaked Barley.  The hop blend in E.R.A is a mix of Glacier and Calypso; two deliciously citrus hops.  Calypso is a bit fruity, some say pear and apple, while Glacier is a great hop for adding a full fruity and slightly woody aroma. IBUS are 56, and it sits at an easy 5.7% ABV.  If all that meant nothing to you don’t worry, this is still the beer for you.  ERA is an easy, drinkable beer, that will put in the perfect mood to enjoy a game.

The Em’s season, as well as summer, is halfway over.  Luckily there’s still plenty of time for you to get yourself down to PK park for some baseball, or as I like to call it, some beer.