Field of dreams sandy harris

Photo | Sandy Harris

I was out and about and headed to finish off the season of Jet Boat Racing at the Field of Dreams in Tangent, Oregon July 27th, 2013.  Another beautiful day at the races, the weather was perfect.

When I walked into the pits at the races, I noticed it was pretty sparse of boats.  There are typically 30 boats racing.  Now with only about 18 boats racing today, I thought it may make for a very quick day with less activity.

Oh man was that not the case!

It was by far the most exciting day at the races that I have ever seen!  Boats were coming out of the water left and then right and sometimes right down the middle; of islands that is!  These guys and gals meant business and put every effort into running the boats hard and fast!  They put on a spectacular show.  Now granted, the last thing a driver or audience wants are the boats to seriously come out of the water, there were some pretty close calls.

Boat 166 Fat Buddy Florko/Josh Dunham came up and out of the water and headed right for the crowd.  It was pretty scary!  Once a boat leaves the water, it really is everyone for themselves as the boat loses all ability and control.  You are pretty much along for the ride at this point.  The boat went completely through the fencing into the crowd.  Luckily the only injury was a small scratch on a young boy, everyone else was able to move and get out of the way.

field of dreams sandy harris

Photo | Sandy Harris

The spectators are behind a heavy duty chain link fence, however, these boats can get moving as fast as 90 miles per hour, you have to be on your toes at all times.  Last year, a boat headed straight for the area I was standing in just moments before.  It did not come all the way through the fencing like yesterday, but the possibility is always there.

Justin Massey, navigator for super boat #29 Adrenalin Rush suffered 2 compression fractures in his back when the boat he was in came out of the water and came down hard.  He is reported as sore but doing all right.  He did return to the track to finish out the day as a spectator.

Bill Sparling and Amanda Vestal in Super Boat #4 Sinister were nearing the end of their final lap of the day during the Super Boat finals when all of a sudden it came up out of the water and did some tripple lindies on the field!  Despite Sparling suffering a cut on his knee, both seemed to have come out of the wreckage a little shaken, but thankfully well enough to share the experience.

These boats are far from cheap, an entry level boat can cost 15K, winning boats 40K and up to  100K.  Damages to the #4 (Sinister) could cost anywhere from 7K-10K in repairs.

Race results:

Super Modified Class:  Driver / Navigator /  Boat Name

1st dennis Hughes / Mtia Haskey #69 Overkill

2nd Ron Domoe / Steve Church #156 Bad Influence

3rd. Daryl Healey / Wes Barnard #12 Bank Shot

A400 Class: Driver / Navigator /  Boat Name

1st Kyle Patrick / Alex Patrick #151 All About Me

2nd Doug Olson / Andy Gilder #710 Dream Catcher

3rd Scott Saxton / Frank Farrand #13 Fat Buddy

Super Boat Class: Driver / Navigator /  Boat Name

1st Lee Rice / Marvin Write #711 Screamin’ Eagle

2nd Bill Sparling / Amanda Vestal #4 Sinister

3rd. Del Macy / Justin Massey #29 Adrenalin Rush

I wanted to share my photographs with you.  If you were one of the lucky ones to have experienced this race at the Field of Dreams, I am sure you can comment on how exciting it truly was.

The Field of Dreams hosts two races per year.  Typically in June and July.  Hope to see you at the races!  You can find more information on their facebook page or at ussbarasing.

See you out there!