Look Me In The Eye – Eugene Celebration

Margaret Theisen and Gretchen Dubie
Margaret Theisen and Gretchen Dubie

Two enities came together to form a campaign to spread their knowledge and to educate the public about people with a disability.  It may be a person with Autism, or someone in a wheel chair, someone who may not “look right” or maybe just someone you may not look in the eye.

Full Access and Oregon Supported Living Program (OSLP) together formed Look Me In The Eye (LMITE) because it was important to understand people with disabilites.

Look Me In The Eye will be participating in the Eugene Celebration this Saturday.  They will be marching and rolling, and sashaying their way through the streets of Eugene showing how proud they are of who they are.

“Respect & include people with disabilities”

Look Me In The Eye allows each unique person to express who they are and to make their way in this world and with a little help they can, they are also looking for acceptance.  They are no different from you or I.  We all need help sometime.

You won’t be able to miss their presence during the parade.  Approximately 80 participants of Look Me In The Eye will be attending, as well as family and friends and the more the merrier.  When you see Look Me In The Eye headed your way, show them your support and by all means, if you get a feeling of pride for them, join them in their parade.

Look Me In The Eye inspires a powerful message

If you have ever wanted to but had second thoughts, throw those thoughts into the wind and just do it.

Meet the supporters who get to work with these beautiful and talented, caring, loving and very real people, walking their journey with them every step of the way

Breaking down barriers between people, especially on behalf of those who experience a developmental disability

look me in the eye cover photo

OSLP and Full Access are nonprofit agencies working on providing individuals with developmental disabilities a full spectrum of services and access to living a full life.

The Celebration Parade begins at 10:00 a.m.  You can find a map and event times here.  Look Me In The Eye will be towards the beginning of the parade as often times it is a long journey for some.

Show your support and Look them in the eye.  If you are interested in more information for LMITE please don’t hesitate to contact either Margaret Theisen of Full Access or Gretchen Dubie of Oregon Supported Living Program.

Eugene Daily News wishes you a wonderful time at the Eugene Celebration, celebrating not only Eugene, but the unique people within.

See you out there!

Sandy Harris is a writer for Eugene Daily News. Sandy grew up on an island in the Alexander Archipelago in the southeastern region of Alaska. Her life's passions include writing and photography. Follow her on (http://sandralynnsphotography.blogspot.com/).

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