Oregon sports media members have been playing a giant game of musical chairs. And boy it’s getting difficult to remember who the heck is where anymore…

Adam JudeAdam Jude Leaves Oregonian for Seattle Times

Jude is no stranger to hoping around. After his time with the Register Guard, Jude had an incredibly brief stint with the Oregonian and is now closer to his roots at the Seattle Times.

Jude’s move to cover the Washington Huskies is probably the strangest on this list, for the obvious reason that he leaves the Ducks beat to cover arguably their biggest rival.

Since leaving earlier in the summer, Jude has been hard at work with the Times covering practices and the Husky Stadium expansion.

Rob MoseleyRob Moseley Leaves Register Guard for Oregon Athletic Department

I take it back… this is probably the strangest move of media members this summer. Moseley had been with RG for what felt like 3,000 years – actually since 2001 – and was the face of that sports department. Now he’s made the transition to editor of GoDucks.com, a role that just seems to be the perfect fit.

The move makes sense for both sides. Moseley now has insider access like never before and a job working for his Alma matter’s athletic department, something that only happens in fairy tales and Eugene media. The University of Oregon now has a journalist working on the inside to break every story and cover topics no other media outlet can touch. I mean, what good are the rest of us media members now?

They have the power to close out anyone they want. It’s not like there’s a shortage of Ducks press out there. And now they can create their own press in-house. It’s a brilliant move that is sure to drive tons of traffic to the department.

Aaron FentressAaron Fentress Leaves Oregonian for CSNNW

Once again, I take it back… this was the biggest shocker of them all. After 21 years working with the Oregonian, Fentress is now with cross town rival Comcast SportsNet Northwest.

I had a pretty good sense that Fentress wasn’t with the Oregonian anymore after not seeing him at media day and his unusual absence from Twitter, eventually reemerging from his nesting spot to brighten the feed of his followers once again. But I didn’t expect he’d go over to a major competitor.

Now with CSNNW, Fentress will help on their web content as well as with some television appearances.

Andrew GreifAndrew Greif Leaves Register Guard for Oregonian

Finally we have a move that wasn’t a total head scratcher. Greif was hired over from the Register Guard to take Jude’s old position, a move that also makes quite a bit of sense. Moving from the copy desk to the press box at Autzen isn’t exactly a downgrade.

Greif will be part of the Oregonian’s new Ducks coverage tandem that has to replace the one-two punch of Fentress and Jude. With his partner in crime joining him in Ducks coverage, the O-Live Ducks team is set. And it’s a familiar name for Blazers fans.

Jason QuickJason Quick Re-Assigned at Oregonian From Blazers to Ducks

Quick will no longer be the Oregonian’s Blazers beat writer, instead moving over to cover the Ducks. And he wasn’t quiet about how the move made him feel. Blazers players had mixed reactions to his rant.

“I heard about it,” Blazers forward Nicolas Batum said. “I don’t really care about that. If he wants to talk about us like that… I don’t really care, I don’t focus on that. He’s just a guy who left and got a job somewhere else. He’s not with the team, I don’t really care what he says about this. It’s not my problem.”

Quick was at Oregon Media Day and has been covering the Ducks since.

Anymore Oregon Sports Media Changes? 

How about Curtis Anderson leaving the Register Guard for TrackTown? There are several others that could be mentioned, but for time sake I’ll leave it to Ducks football changes.

Well I’m here with Eugene Daily News still and quite excited for our upcoming coverage. With our team of Isaac Rosenthal, Corey Buchanan and Gary Breedlove, we’re just as ready for football to be back as you are. Continue to check in for more updated Ducks coverage all year.

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