Arizona Man Goes to Hilarious Lengths to Find Missing Amazon Package

There are countless simple joys in life.  They’re different for everyone, but for me some include discovering leftovers in the fridge you forgot about or seeing a movie on Netflix Instant that you’ve been wanting to see for awhile or driving through every green light on the way home.

Humorous Wanter Poster - Yahoo!

Wanted Poster | (Yahoo!)

Another one is hearing that knock at the door when a package you ordered has arrived.  Getting packages or good mail is an underrated simple joy in my book.  But imagine waiting for that package to arrive only to discover that someone has taken it right off your doorstep.  That’s what happened to Tim Lake and he appears to be in good spirits about the whole thing because the awareness he’s created for the whole incident has been both inspired and kind of hilarious.

Phoenix resident found out about the caper from watching a video that was trained on the walkway to his door (Why does he have a video camera pointed at his walkway?  Just sayin).  The video shows a middle-aged woman with blonde hair calmly walk up to his door, grab the Amazon package and scurry off like a raccoon.

After seeing the video, Lake did the responsible thing by filing a police report.  But he took it a step further.  He put up “wanted” posters around his neighborhood showing pictures from the video.  He also took the time to thoroughly describe her appearance and judgement in a tongue-in-cheek way.

Under description he put “Jerk.”  For her eyes he went with “Vacant, uncaring, and lacking a soul” and for her nationality he put “Un-American.”  He then went to the local news to get his story out to the public.

In a hilarious interview with CBS5, Lake pretended to become emotionally distraught over the missing package and when asked what he’d say to the woman if he ever met her on the street, he paraphrased a few lines from the Liam Neeson movie Taken.  You know, that scene where he’s on the phone and he tells the guy on the other line about his particular set of skills and how he will eventually find them.  Lake used that part, except the end where he threatened to kill them.  Lake went with the more mature and legal word “convict” instead.

As for what was in the package.  Coffee pods and an ice tray.

“Ice trays that make, like, perfectly square ice cubes,” he told CBS5.  “Or, even now that I think about it, iced coffee.”

The simple joys people.  The simple joys.

Jay Leno’s Last Tonight Show Gets an Airdate

Jay Leno will be leaving The Tonight Show.  Again.  I think, you never know with this guy.  Now we know officially when that will happen.  It had been known for quite some time that Jimmy Fallon would replace Leno in the week leading-up to the Winter Olympics and that the official day would be Monday, February 24.  According to Deadline now, that date has been moved up a little.

Tonight Show executive producer Debbie Vickers announced that February 6 will be the official end date.  The cast and crew will be paid until Leno’s contract ends the following September (That’s a 6-month paid vacation).

The reason behind the early February change is to introduce the Fallon-hosted show during the Olympics when ratings are higher for NBC.  This will also create a better lead-in for the debut of Late Night With Seth Meyers at 12:30 a.m.  During last week’s TCA (Television Critics Association) press tour, NBC Entertainment chief Bob Greenblatt envisioned a continued partnership with Leno beyond his Tonight Show gig.

Jay Leno - IGN

Jay Leno | (IGN)

“Nothing would make us happier for Jay, a la Bob Hope, to have presence at the network, we’re really hoping to do that, post February,” said Greenblatt.

Fallon appears to be a safer bet for NBC than Conan O’Brien was when they did this the first time back in 2010.  Fallon is generally inoffensive like Leno and his youthful appearance and energy should prevent ratings for the show to plummet like they did when O’Brien took over. The change will come despite the fact that Leno continues to win in the ratings against his time-slot rivals (I’m still amazed by this).

I’ve been hearing for years that if you saw Leno’s standup act, which he still does sometimes, you would find it hilarious.  Personally I’ve never found the man funny and to me he’s the definition of “Safe” or “Vanilla.”  This change, at least for me, has been a longtime coming and hopefully Fallon gets to keep the job for longer than seven months.

Man Turns NYC Dumpster Into Livable Home

New York City is known for having cozy little apartments and hotel rooms with large price tags, but one guy has managed to create his own tiny apartment using a dumpster.

California designer Gregory Kloehn makes trips to New York often and he wanted to find a way to avoid paying for hotel rooms.  So he bought a dumpster for $2,000 and converted it into a livable space in the Brooklyn area.

Gregory Kloehn - AP

Gregory Kloehn | (AP)

Kloehn installed a kitchen, bathroom, bed and sun deck.  He also hooked up a six-gallon water tank which works not only as a source for drinking water, but also for the toilet and outdoor shower.  He also managed to incorporate electricity which powers a microwave and small stove.

To fight those cold New York winters, the interior is padded for insulation and for the summer, the decked-out dumpster features an outdoor grill and a minibar attached to the door.

“I think (passersby) are just surprised that someone would take something like this and spend enough time to make it into a home,” Kloehn told HGTV’s You Live in What?

Ironically, the one thing he didn’t think to install in his portable home, a garbage.