After a 45-24 thrashing over Washington this past weekend, the Oregon Ducks remain a very firm No. 2 in the AP Poll behind the Alabama Crimson Tide. And thanks to the guys at Poll Speak, fans and analysts alike can see exactly which voters are putting teams where.

Oregon AP Poll Votes:

AP Poll

It’s interesting to note that only one voter put the Ducks outside of the top-3. That would be Mr. Glenn Guilbeau of the Gannett Louisiana News Service in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Glenn Guilbeau’s Ballot:



Unsurprisingly, the LSU beat writer has the Tigers ranked highest of any voter, tied with six others at No. 6 overall.

Make with it what you will. It’s certainly interesting to see how he views the remainder of the Pac-12. He has UCLA at a pretty standard 10, then Utah at No. 15, higher than everyone else and Stanford at No. 16 nearly lower than every other voter. Washington is about average in placement, but the view of the Pac-12 is pretty clear.

The Pac-12 is voted as a middle-heavy conference. At least by Guilbeau it is.

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