RDTV – Behind the Scenes at Detering Orchards


EDN Behind Scenes 10/13

Step behind the scene of a Rick Dancer TV shoot and you discover one nutty little operation.

The show you’ll find at the bottom of this story was shot from Detering Orchards near Harrisburg. We heard about Apple Days and like shooting around a crowd because it actually makes us perform at a higher level.

It’s funny how different it is when you have an audience as opposed to sitting on the set of a TV News Show talking to a camera while imagining there are people out there. After being on this side of the business I now understand we were honestly imagining people were watching. (Smile)

My wife came along so she could go pick apples. You don’t have to pick your own apples, Detering’s has folks who do that for you but my wife is a little crazy when it comes to farms, the outdoors and picking fruits and vegetables. She tries to get me to go pick berries with her and I flat out refuse. I picked berries as a kid and can’t to go back to a field to do it again. I think I may need “Pickers Therapy” but am too old to care about healing.

Scott, our photographer brought his two kids and wife Amy along for the ride. Amy used to be my producer at KEZI.  There is plenty to keep the kids busy at the orchard and it felt like old times, minus all the pain of a commercial TV station, being with her again. Amy and I used to come up with great ideas for shows and stories. We’d take the ideas to management, but when people are afraid of visions and dreams they tend to settle for safe and secure and that’s never fun to watch.

With our show we come up with an idea and do it. We don’t need three meetings, four different approvals and a focus group to shoot it down. We try it and if it works we do it again. If it doesn’t work we move on. Amy and I just laugh a lot. People in the industry watch and tell me they wish they could do what we do. The part you don’t see and you don’t need to see is all the work that goes into selling and building these shows. It is very hard, very competitive and sometimes it hurts.

I have nights I wake up and wonder what’s going to happen.

But when the show airs I smile the whole time.

I can tell you this more people are watching. Folks walk up to me all the time commenting on a story or a show. They always end the conversation with the same line:

“You sure look like you are having fun.”

I don’t remember anyone ever telling me that when I worked on the news.

Kelly Asay is an entrepreneur, software developer and performing musician. As the publisher of Eugene Daily News, Asay is continually searching, finding and promoting the best unknown journalists, photographers and inspirational people from all over Lane County.

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