Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow photoshopped on the body of Michael Vick | (Business Insider)

With Chip Kelly being hired as the Philadelphia Eagles head coach the first question out of the mouths of everyone was, could Michael Vick run Kelly’s offense? The answer is both yes and no. Vick showed us in their first game against the Washington Redskins that for a half he could run the offense and the score on anyone.

The problem with Vick is he cannot stay healthy for an entire season. Since being drafted in 2000 by the Atlanta Falcons, Vick has only played one complete 16 game season. Then we looked at Nick Foles. Not as mobile as Vick and no where near the speed. He won 2 games for the Eagles then went down with an injury.

That left Matt Barkley to run what is clearly the fastest offense in football – not the prototypical read option quarterback. He ran a pro style at USC and didn’t need to make the quick reads and decisions needed to effectively run the offense the Eagles and Kelly wanted. Many experts said that the Eagles read option quarterback for the future was not on their roster, meaning they would have to find someone other than who they had to run it.

Looking around the NFL at the quarterback position there are not many that can run the offense the way Kelly wants. Or is there? My suggestion for Kelly and the Eagles is to contact the New York Jets and ask for Tim Tebow‘s phone number. He ran the read option at Florida and was very successful at it. He won a National championship and the Heisman Trophy with the read option. His quarterback rating at Florida was 201.73 in 2006 and 172.47 in 2007.

The first thing people say is he does not have an NFL arm. True he doesn’t. He wont need one to throw bubble screens and dump passes over the middle. His longest pass completion in college was 65 yards. What he does bring to the table is a determination to win, the ability to read a defense and physicality on the ground.

Tebow could make the Eagles a winner and allow the coaching staff to be creative with Vick. Have both in the backfield and let the defense guess what is coming next. Then they could trade Barkley for a guard or tackle that can actually block.

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