34th Annual Bob Ross Open Invitational Nature Show

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Imagine seeing your photographs on an 10′ x 7.5′ screen!  Eugene Daily News is proud to announce the 34th Annual Bob Ross Open invitational Nature Photography show which will be held this Friday, November 8, 2013 at Linn-Benton Community College.  This is a non juried event, enabling photographers and others to share their interests in nature, their techniques and photographic perspectives in a friendly, constructive forum.  This is a free event and is open to the public.

Photo by | umlaufsculpture.org
Photo by | umlaufsculpture.org

Photographers are encouraged to submit up to 15 digital photographs.  Videographers must limit your video clips to a total of 3 minutes running time.  The clips should be in a common format such as QuickTime that can be shown on any computer.

The theme this year is “On the Ground” or “Grounded”.  Please feel free to show photographs that do not represent the theme but they must still be about nature, as defined below.

Important notes: Nature is defined as plants, animals, scenics, rocks, clouds, water, or anything else that one finds in nature and that lacks any evidence of humans.  There may be times when it is appropriate to violate the rules but make sure that the subject is of nature rather than architecture, hot air balloons, vehicles, bridges, backpackers, etc.  In general, humans and human artifacts should not be in any of your photographs.

Manipulation of digital images must be kept to a very bare minimum.

Our intention is to feature nature the way it is and not heavily manipulated.  The Bob Ross Nature exhibit does not show fine art that has been produced and manipulated from the mind of the artist, but rather the elegance of nature in the raw.


A little manipulating of brightness, contrast, color balance or removing a distracting artifact is acceptable.  The use of filters other than for sharpening is generally not acceptable.  Adding things that were not in the scene is totally unacceptable.

Photographers may submit images for showing even though they may not able to attend. However, their images may not be shown if there is insufficient time.

Photographers are asked to send their images to Bob one week before the show so that he can compose the evenings presentation.  You can group the images into a Power Point presentation or simply send in your set of images and Bob will put them into a Power Point presentation for you.

Horizontal photos look great on the screen if they are sized to 10″ x 7.5″ and a resolution of 150 dpi.   The 10″ width is the important part for the horizontal photos, whereas the 7.5″ measurement is the important part for the vertical photos.  Tiff files seem to look better on the screen than JPEGs but JPEGs are fine.  If you want your photos in a particular order, then adding numbers to the file names will accomplish that during the building of the Power Point presentation.

Submissions may be emailed to [email protected].  Linn-Benton Community College is located at 6500 Blvd. S, Albany, OR 97321.  We have included a map for your convenience.  For further information you may reach Bob Ross at 541-928-3711.

The event will be held in room F-104 (Auditorium in the Forum Building) and showing begins at 7 p.m. Friday November 8, 2013.   If you are unable to submit for this years exhibit, there is always next year!  The theme for November 14, 2014:  The Aerial Perspective.


Sandy Harris is a writer for Eugene Daily News. Sandy grew up on an island in the Alexander Archipelago in the southeastern region of Alaska. Her life's passions include writing and photography. Follow her on (http://sandralynnsphotography.blogspot.com/).

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