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Another Wolverine Spin-Off in the Works

Hugh Jackman is showing no signs of hanging up the claws.  From 2000-2014 when X-Men: Days of Future Past is released, Jackman will have played Wolverine, the character that made his career, six times (seven if you include his cameo in X-Men: First Class).  You would think Jackman would have had enough of the character by now.  You would be wrong.

According to Deadline, Jackman and The Wolverine director James Mangold are in talks with 20th Century Fox to return for another Wolverine sequel.  This makes sense from a business side considering this summer’s Wolverine grossed more than $400 million worldwide, but is it just me or is this franchise kind of run its course.

Hugh Jackman and director James Mangold
Hugh Jackman and director James Mangold | (

The last three films involving Wolverine (X-Men: The Last Stand, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, The Wolverine) have been mediocre, abysmal and forgettable respectably.  Jackman was born to play this character and he hasn’t been the problem with these last three films, but it just feels like he’s done all he can do with the character.  It was great to see him in films like Les Miserables and Prisoners and it’s because of his performances in these films that I’m eager to see him try other things.

Of course, with Future Past coming in 2014 and Jackman working with director Bryan Singer again, his passion for the character has clearly been rejuvenated.  The Wolverine was at least an improvement over the previous standalone film and with the release of Future Past, the franchise can go in many different directions.

Wolverine is without question the anchor of the X-Men films so it’s hard to imagine another sequel not involving the character.  The superhero genre is the biggest thing going in the movie industry right now and 20th Century Fox only has two properties — X-Men and Fantastic Four.  Besides Future Past in 2014, the Four reboot will follow in 2015 and the studio is probably looking at a 2016 release for The Wolverine 2 to compete with Marvel and Warner Bros.

I’d like to see Jackman do other things, but it looks like both him and the studio is committed to the character for the foreseeable future.

Wrong Poster Put Up for Thor: The Dark World.  Or is it?

Some would argue that the real love story in the Thor movies is between Thor and Loki rather than Thor and Jane Foster.  Personally I thought the whole Thor/Jane love story in the first film was significantly rushed and it’s a big reason why that film is my least favorite of all of the recent Marvel releases.

'Thor: The Dark World' Poster Gone Wrong
‘Thor 2,’ the Alternate Chinese Cut. | (Reddit)


After seeing a poster that was mistakenly put up featuring the two main characters embracing one another, I’m more inclined to believe that’s the real love story at the heart of the Thor universe.

A Shanghai cinema posted the wrong image for Thor: The Dark World.  Instead of the image showing Thor protecting Jane, the poster that was put up was a fan made alteration showing Thor wrapping his arms around his brother, Loki.

God I love Photoshop!  The look on Loki’s face is priceless.  It’s almost as if he’s thinking, “Oh Thor, no matter how many times I betray you and your people, you’ll never kill me.  You wish you knew how to quit me.”

‘Fast & Furious’ Director Moving To Another Action Franchise

Deadline has reported that Fast and the Furious sequel director Justin Lin will helm the next installment in Universal’s other big action franchise, the Bourne series.

The last film, The Bourne Legacy, starred Jeremy Renner as Aaron Cross, another super-soldier in the secret program pissed off at the people who created him.  While Legacy ended up being not only the weakest film in the series and the least successful financially, it was still an entertaining spy thriller and a bold move by Universal considering there was no Matt Damon.  And it made just enough money to justify another sequel being made.

Renner will be back for the fifth movie, but there is still no word whether Rachel Weisz will return or if Damon might reprise his titular role as Jason Bourne.  Lin has  plenty of experience with team-up movies (Fast & Furious) so the thought of both Cross and Bourne in the same movie isn’t entirely out of the question.

The sequel will be written by Anthony Peckham (Sherlock Holmes, Invictus) and interestingly enough, Tony Gilroy, the writer of the first four films and the director of Legacy is not mentioned as being involved.  The studio is looking to release the film in the summer of 2015.


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