Although it wasn’t the normal crew of Gals for this particular lunch outing, two Eugene Daily News compatriots and I headed to Coburg Pizza Company to see what all the rave is about.  For years, I’ve heard nothing but great reviews of Coburg Pizza Company’s uniquely delicious pizzas.  Since 2007, they’ve been whipping up pizzas with toppings that most people wouldn’t dream of putting on a pizza, creating a menu like none other.

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Coburg Pizza Company in small town Coburg | Photo by Julia Crowley

With two locations, one in Springfield and the original being in the small town of Coburg, Kevin Baird (news writer) and Sandy Harris (writer of Out and About) met me at the original Coburg Pizza Company.  Housed in a barn-like structure, which used to be a barber shop, Coburg Pizza Company is also a family video store and a coffee house (Nana’s Caffe’) serving baked goods in the morning (breakfast is available at the Coburg location only).

Seating is limited and surrounded by walls of videos, and food orders are taken at the counter near the entrance.  Just like their menu states, they definitely have the craziest, most imaginative, unique, over-the-top and totally whacked-out stuff to ever hit a crust.

  • Wild Alaskan Salmon Bake – a pizza pie with their own sour cream – cream cheese dill sauce, toppped with mozzarella, a touch of lemon and grilled salmon.
  • Memphis BBQ Pulled Pork – this pizza is toppped with thick chunks of smoky pulled-pork and piles of onions smothered in Sweet Babay Ray’s traditional BBQ sauce, all atop Jack cheese and crowned with their own special recipe coleslaw.
  • Louisiana Jambalaya Pie – using a spicy Cajun Alfredo sauce, this is topped with shrimp, andouille sausage, red beans, plum tomatoes, multi-colored bell peppers with Jack and Mozzarella cheeses.
  • All-American BLT – loads of their country smoked bacon is spread out over a blend of provolone and mozzarella. then they add lettuce, tomoato and a kiss of mayonnaise.
  • Idaho Baked Potato – thinly sliced russets with a touch of butter, country bacon, cheddar, sour cream and green onions.
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1/2 Bangkok Thai and 1/2 Singapore Sweet Chili Chicken – so good | Photo by Julia Crowley

And that’s just listing five of their over 50 distinctively unique pizzas that come on a choice of four crusts: thin, thick and chewy, mozzarella stuffed or gluten free. They also offer a plethora of salads, calzones, pastas, award-winning baked wings, dessert pizzas (including a PB&J pizza) and a great beer and wine list, with options from Oregon, Italy and other regions of the world.

Since owners Terry an Cherylee Dawson knew we were coming, they had a feast of different items prepared that they thought we should try.  Just as we imagined, we were in for an adventurous and tasty treat.

We tried four pizzas: Bangkok Thai Shrimp, Singapore Sweet-Chili Chicken, Spicy Sicily and Mediterranean Piatto.  Each uniquely different, I fell head over heels for the Bangkok Thai Shrimp – a thin crust pizza with special homemade Thai ranch, julienne carrots, green onions, green bell peppers, bean sprouts and their special Thai peanut sauce, crowned with shrimp.  The Asian flavors popped and complemented each other to perfection  In fact, all four pizzas were divine.  I also really loved the Spicy Sicily that had some of my favorite cheese, Fontina.  Other ingredients included a spicy red sauce, spicy Italian sausage, spicy Capicola ham, mozzarella, parmesan and fresh basil – savory, spicy and delectable.

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Greek Salad | Photo by Julia Crowley

Cherylee brought us an outstanding Greek Salad with fresh greens, tomatoes, Kalamata olives, onions, cucumbers, artichoke hearts, feta cheese crumbles and a heavenly Greek-feta vinaigrette, while Terry brought over a selection of their baked wings: Garlic Parmesan, Spicy Italian and Asian Sweet Chili.  Everything was super fresh, cooked to perfection and down-right delicious.

We tried a chilled California White Merlot that Terry had suggested, which was slightly sweet and paired really well with the spiciness of the Asian Sweet Chili wings and the Spicy Sicily pizza.  We were also able to try a few items from the Nana’s Caffe’ menu; including, two each of flavor-packed frittatas (egg based Italian dish similar to quiche) and scones; in addition to, sending me home with a cinnamon roll that was devoured by my kids within seconds.

Cozy and inviting, Coburg Pizza Company was the perfect place for the three of us to kick-back and enjoy some time to get to know each other better.  I’m sure Kevin was okay with being a “Lunch Gal” for a day since he was able to try some of the stellar options that Coburg Pizza Company offers its guests; besides, his favorite food is, after all, pizza.

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Fresh, juicy chicken wings in 3 different delectable flavors | Photo by Julia Crowley

Here’s what Kevin and Sandy thought of our delicious-food-centric visit to Coburg Pizza Company:

Kevin: Coburg Pizza’s buffalo wings were perfect.  The wings were neither under cooked and slimy nor were they overcooked and dry.  For me, texture in any food can be a deal breaker, and these wings were a home run.  The flavors were fantastic too, in particular the Italian seasoned wings, which were flavorful and had an unexpected kick of spice that wasn’t too big, which I loved.

The Sun Dried Tomato Basil scone was the best scone I’ve ever had. It seems like every other scone I’ve had is dry, crumbly,and missing any flavor worth savoring. The bready part of this scone was soft and moist, great texture, with a touch of sweetness. The savory flavors of sun dried tomato and basil were fantastic and complimented the sweetness of the bready part of the scone.

The Singapore Sweet Chile Chicken pizza put a sweet and spicy twist on pizza worth returning for.  Before coming to Coburg Pizza, I’d never had a pizza with Asian-food-inspired toppings – this pizza is worth the drive to Coburg.

The Spicy Sicily pizza was a carnivores dream. Spicy sausage and spicy capicola ham gave the pizza a delicious kick. This pizza was also topped with mozzarella, fontina and parmesan cheeses and the fresh basil was icing on the cake.

Sandy: I had the pleasure of joining Julia and Kevin for this Local Lunch Gals afternoon out at Coburg Pizza!  Who doesn’t like pizza right?

We were served so many different things, I felt like a kid at Christmas.  I absolutely loved the Greek salad.  All of the ingredients melded together perfectly.  My favorite pizza out of the four was the Singapore Sweet-Chile Chicken.  I am most positive had I been alone, I could have eaten the entire pie!  The crust was amazing.  The beautiful part about it was that it wasn’t all crust!  Bonus: it was flat out a pretty pizza and delicious.  I will definitely be going back for more!  I am not much of a dessert person, but I sampled the scones and they were both amazing as well.

We ate so much that we had to take our huge cinnamon rolls home. I must confess, I ate half of it later that evening. I had a wonderful time at Coburg Pizza Company, Terry and all were amazing hosts, and I will be stopping by for the amazing food from now on.

Coburg Pizza Company gets 3 Thumbs Up and it is highly recommended.

Visit Coburg Pizza Company in Coburg at 90999 South Willamette Street and in Springfield at 1710 Centennial Boulevard. Like their Facebook page for updates and specials:


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