Open House – Eugene Karate Club & Eugene Ballet Academy


Eugene Ballet Academy and Eugene Karate Club are having an open house November 6th from
4:00pm to 6:00pm.

Included inside the Eugene Ballet building at 1590 Willamette St. Eugene are classes for all ages including:

  • Ballet
  • Jazz Dance
  • Modern Dance
  • Hip Hop
  • Karate classes for kids 9 through 12

The Open house will include tours throughout the facility and a karate demonstrations by the Eugene Karate Club kids.

If you have an interest for your child to learn a new skill, while strengthening their body and using it  efficiently, then the Ballet, Dance and Karate classes at the Eugene Ballet building will do just that.

Eugene Ballet prides itself in the safety of its facility and looks forward to showing you around.
OPEN HOUSE – NOVEMBER 6th from 4pm to 6pm. For more information call (541) 686-9342 x304

Open House
Eugene Ballet Academy and Eugene Karate Club

About Eugene Karate Club

We are a small non-profit karate club that teaches students from nine to twelve years of age. We are currently looking to expand our club size to a maximum of nine children. We pride ourselves in taking a different approach with martial arts by focusing on the mental and physical development of each child along with teaching valuable lessons in awareness and positivity in everyday life.

karate kids 2

When we begin to work with our students, we are looking first at building their confidence. Confidence comes at this early age through enhancing coordination and body posture. We explain to the kids how maintaining proper body posture gives the impression to others that they are sure of themselves and in control of each social situation. Body posture is achieved by strengthening the correct muscle groups, which we carry forward from the very first class. We explain how body posture also helps strengthen awareness.

For example, if you are looking down, you are not as aware of your surroundings as when you are looking straight forward and maintaining correct body posture. The confidence gained by these practices will continue to carry throughout each child’s life in sports, school, business, etc. As our students progress through the years of training, they become very well-rounded individuals. The majority of students that have been involved in our club have done very well in school and currently many of them are doing very well in college.

karate kids 1

Our style of martial arts teaches self-confidence, coordination and using the body efficiently. Feeling good means feeling happy and more focused. This is what we try to achieve with our students. When they leave our club, they will take these skills with them and apply them to any facet of their lives to be more efficient at what they attempt. There is a saying in our style; 20% physical, 80% mental. The 20% physical is the drive to get into the best shape possible, while the 80% mental is the constant attempt to focus the mind on the task at hand and remain calm and confident throughout each experience.

Our goal is to make a better world by guiding each student to success in his or her life. We hope to enhance our local community and leave an impression long after our club is gone.

For more information on our club please call (541) 221-3599 and ask for Larry.

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