When You Find Your Groove Thing

I don’t know how to define my life or even tell you what my calling is but when I hit my “Groove Thing” I know it, I feel it and I love it. We’ve been producing Rick Dancer TV for two years this January and it’s a lot of fun and I get messages from viewers who love it. But this next week we are taking a huge risk. We’re going out on a limb with a show that goes beyond promotion and storytelling and inches its way into the very core of my being.


For me it’s like taking off my clothes and running through town naked. I’m bringing you into my thoughts and ideas about Christmas. Some of you won’t agree. Others will be challenged but you cannot watch this show without feeling something. We are hitting the streets in search of the meaning of Christmas. Not your meaning or the cultures meaning what we are looking for is simply “meaning.”

I’m sick and tired of the commercialization of a season that is named after a man who came to do exactly the opposite of what Christmas has become. So to find meaning we are going to the people Christ would probably be hanging out with today. Our list includes the homeless, former drug addicts and people who are actually doing something substantial to change, not the culture but the lives of individuals and we visit a local Jewish Rabbi.

We told a local songwriter about our show and she wrote and will sing on the special, that song. We also visit a reindeer farm, why? You will need to watch the show to find out. And a well-known guitar player sings a sassy Santa song in Kesey Square.


Tita Louisa Freytag

I’m working with Bill Goetz, a former KEZI/KVAL photographer who does amazing work. KVAL “let him go” a year ago and we just hired him. Bill shot the show but I edited it. Yep, my first time editing an entire show and my experts say it looks great.

My business partner, Kelly Asay, is the motivation behind this show. He said: “Rick, you need to do Rick Dancer TV and challenge people. That’s what you like doing, that’s what people like watching and you need to start doing more shows like that.”

So, that’s what this is, a venture into new territory. We’re already planning a Valentine Day Show looking at Love, not chocolates and flowers, but true love.

So join us on Sunday December 22nd and December 29th at 4:30 on KEVU to watch “The Strangest Reindeer” a search for meaning at Christmas.

For those of you paying attention, here’s an exclusive viewing, right here on EDN.

Merry Christmas.