Film Fanatic: Buy The Batmobile, ’12 Years A Slave’ Feud, ‘The Last Of Us’ Becoming Movie


Own The Tumbler from The Dark Knight Trilogy for $1 Million 

If you could have one vehicle from any television show or movie, what would it be?  The van from The A-Team, the Mystery Machine from Scooby-Doo or how about The DeLorean from Back to the Future?  There’s so many possibilities, but mine would certainly be the Batmobile.

Of course there have been many iterations of Batman’s badass ride so it would be hard to choose.  The most recent incarnation was definitely the most bold design.  Christopher Nolan chose to go practical with “The Tumbler” by giving it some backstory (it was used to build bridges) and not even calling it the Batmobile in The Dark Night Trilogy.

Batmobile -
Can someone lend me $1 million? | ( 

It looked like more of a tank than a car and of all the past vehicles, it was certainly the least-likely to be seen anywhere near a major highway.  That is until now because for the low-low price of $1 million, not only can you buy a replica of the bruiser, you can legally drive it too.

The car comes complete with 44-inch tires, in case you run into a mudslide or some lava, 5 driver-assist cameras (you try parallel parking this thing), GPS Navigation, in case you forget where the mystery route back to Wayne Manor is, CD/DVD, and a stereo with Bluetooth and iPod integration.

Sadly, the five that were made do not have the ability to leap off parking garages or transform into the Badpod.  But again, YOU CAN DRIVE IT ON REGULAR ROADS!  Can you imagine cruising on the freeway in your Prius and this thing passes you on the left?  I would do a double-take and then follow it to the Batcave.

’12 Years a Slave’ Writer and Director Apparently Hate Each Other

During last Sunday’s Academy Awards, did you happen to notice that when John Ridley won the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay for 12 Years a Slave, he quickly walked past director Steve McQueen without even acknowledging him?  McQueen himself didn’t even seem all that happy for Ridley.  I found it kind of odd and then quickly forgot about.  But then I saw this story from TheWrap and suddenly it all made sense.

Apparently Ridley and McQueen have been embroiled in a feud over who deserves credit for the film’s Oscar-winning screenplay.  The director originally picked Ridley to pen a separate slavery-themed project, but when McQueen’s wife discovered the book, Ridley agreed to adapt on spec.  McQueen assisted in writing the screenplay, but when he asked the writer for shared credit, Ridley declined according to TheWrap.

12 Years a Slave -
See that guy standing all the way in the back? That’s Ridley. Awkward. | ( 

McQueen was obviously upset and appealed to Fox Searchlight to no avail.  When awards season came around and the film began winning trophies left and right, neither McQueen nor Ridley ever acknowledged or thanked one another in their acceptance speeches (including the Oscars).

You would think after winning Best Picture and Best Adapted Screenplay for the film, the two would bury the hatchet and move on.  But this is still Hollywood where egos are commonplace.  I think it’s safe to say these two won’t be working together again.

This isn’t the first time Ridley has been involved in a writer/director issue on a film.  In 1999, Ridley and David O. Russell famously fought over the screenplay for Three Kings.  Ridley wrote the original script but it was extensively rewritten by Russell to the point where the writer received only a ‘story by’ credit.  Ironically, Ridley hugged Russell as he made his way to the stage to receive his Oscar.  So I guess the statute of limitations on writer/director feuds is 15 years.

‘The Last of Us’ Getting The Movie Treatment 

One of the best games to be released in the past few years was Naughty Dog’s PS3 title The Last of Us, which followed a man and young girl as they attempt to traverse and survive a post-apocalyptic world inhabited by dangerous criminals and others who are infected with a zombie-like virus.

Cinematic in its own right, the game has garnered enough attention that Hollywood is interested in turning it into a movie.  Screen Gems, the studio behind the Resident Evil film franchise, announced on Thursday that they’ve sealed a deal to distribute the feature film adaptation.

The Last of Us-Sony
This already looks like a movie. | (IGN)

At first glance, this news sounds underwhelming considering the track record for video game adaptations, but the announcement also mentioned that Neil Druckmann, the Creative Director for the game, will write the screenplay and that Spider-Man and Evil Dead director Sam Raimi is one of the producers.

If they’re going to get this right, it doesn’t hurt that the screenwriter was already heavily involved in the material and one of the producers is a quality filmmaker himself.  We may actually get a good movie this time.  But let’s wait and see who directs and stars.





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