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EUGENE, Ore. — A local music teacher is bringing new technology and possibilities to the way people make music. With an instrument and computer the new technology called Emotion is expanding the sound and visuals of music performance.

It allows musicians to expand their skill set just by using small wireless transmitters. By day Chet Udell is a music technology professor at the University of Oregon. By night he’s an inventor.

“Classical instruments have remained largely unchanged since the 1800s. They’ve sort of maintained their usual forms,” said Udell.

For the last four years he’s engineered a tiny wireless transmitter and receiver that’s changing the way people play music. “Transform the movements of your instruments you’re playing to interact with the hardware and software that musicians already are employing in live performances,” said Udell.

It’s called Emotion Technology. “Its 360 degree sensor and it basically translates your instrument’s orientation,” said Udell.

It can do a number of different things just by moving around your instrument. “You can map that to control the amount of effects processing your spacalization, panning to different speakers, controlling the pitch, controlling the levels of your DMX lights,” said Udell.

With this technology, anything can make music. So like a popular video game, this invention is creating new possibilities for musical performance. “Think about guitar hero for example. Apply that idea to the saxophone or the violin or even the trombone and things start to get really exciting,” said Udell.

He’s started a kickstarter campaign to help release the technology.