Photo Essay: Portland Trail Blazers defeat the Milwaukee Bucks 120-115 in Portland March 18th, 2014

Robin Lopez battles hard for position under the rim.| (Photo: Craig Strobeck)

The Portland Trail Blazers took on the Milwaukee Bucks at the Moda Center in Portland on Tuesday, March 18th 2013. Eugene Daily News was there in person for the first time with writer Ryan Beltram and Photographer Craig Strobeck. This Photo Essay was captured by Craig from his court side shooting position. Many thanks to the Portland Trail Blazer media representative for the first class accommodations and assistance.

Craig is a local Eugene native who has been shooting sports for over 10 years. As a freelance photographer, Craig has specialized in Event, Action, Sporting and portraiture. A graduate of North Eugene High School, and available for freelance assignments, contact Craig via his website or follow Craig on twitter @cstrobeck.

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