We’ve produced more than two dozens Rick Dancer TV shows to date and there’s something really special in this show that airs Sunday the 13th of April.

I’ve spent my whole life in front of a camera, on TV and in the public eye while my wife stays quietly in the shadows, where she prefers to be. When I say shadow I don’t mean she hides or that she is less than me in fact, when you watch this weeks show you will see how amazing she really is.


Kathy is coming on the show to talk about the Pedal for People bike ride that’s coming up on May 10th to support the Oregon Supported Living Program. Kathy is on the board of this wonderful organization because she cares about people with disabilities. The reason is very personal and when I ask her “why” in the show it almost makes me cry to hear her talk about the other man in her life that she loves so deeply (Her Brother Chip)

I think what you will see is an amazing woman who needs no attention for what she does and actually didn’t want to do this at all and wouldn’t have if it weren’t for the organization and her brother.

You will also see her interacting with Emma, my co-host on the show and understand why Emma is such an important part of not just this show but our lives.


We will take you on bike rides and a trip to Florence and even show you the first of a new series of video’s we are doing on the new Elite Sports drink, Lochmead Chocolate milk.

But the highlight of the show for me is my wife joining me on the tube, showing her compassion, lighting up because of the love she has for her brother and showing you don’t have to be a show-off to be good at television.

If you took the time to read through this entire article I think you deserve to see the show before everyone else.

So, here it is: