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Plane Makes Emergency Landing Because of Cows

A Boeing 747 was forced to make an emergency landing at London’s Heathrow Airport after a fire alarm went off.  This is probably standard procedure for any flight during a potential threat or emergency, but in the case of this plane, the cause of the fire alarm is a little unusual.

You see, the precious cargo the plane was carrying was cows.  390 of them to be exact.  After the plane landed, technicians inspected the plane and found no evidence of a fire occurring.  They concluded that the alarm was set off by the cows giving off too much heat.

Cows - patdollard.com
Cows were meant to stay on the ground. | (patdollard.com)

With nearly 400 cows, you think they could have given the farm animals a little more leg room on the flight.  Or how about a complimentary beverage or some peanuts to calm them down.  No truth to the rumor that they were playing O Brother, Where Art Thou? during the plane ride and it caused all of them to go nuts.  The equivalent for us would be if they played Flight or Final Destination or a recent Liam Neeson movie.

Side note:  Can you imagine being a cow and flying in an airplane?  It has to be the most mind-blowing experience of all time.  No wonder they were all hot and bothered (Puns!).

Teen Drives Chevrolet Camaro into Pool

How many high school movies do we need to see before a teenager learns not to commandeer a powerful new car that is waaaaaay out of their league?  It’s such a cliche and yet we have another story of nice car ending up in a place where it shouldn’t.

If you were in the Harris County area in Texas this past week and decided to go for a dip at the local community pool, you may have encountered a 2014 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1.

The driver, a young sparky who appeared to be no more than 17 or 18, was looking for a thrill, lost control of the $60,000 car, crashed through a fence and ended up going for a swim.  Luckily no one was in the pool at the time.

car in pool - carbuzz.com
Hasn’t this kid ever seen ‘Risky Business’ or ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off?’ | (carbuzz.com)

“I was driving right behind him the whole time.  He lost control, and I think he took his traction control off.  And then he just hit the curb, and then went into the fence, and then he hit the pool,” said Ashton Brantley, a friend of the driver.

According to local police, the young man could be charged with speeding as well as be responsible for repairing the fence and pool.  Not exactly a “Fast & Furious”-type scenario he envisioned.

Woman Mugged on TV While Talking About Street Crime

Talk about interactive news.  A Rio de Janeiro woman was giving an interview on camera about the rampant street crime problem in Brazil when a man ran up and yanked the necklace she was wearing right off of her.

In the video, a reporter asks her if she’s worried about crime in the city and then literally in the next moment, the young man commits the crime.  It seems too good to be true.

The reporter attempted to pursue the man but was unsuccessful.  The thief was later arrested.

Either this thief is the dumbest criminal of all time (you’re on camera dude!) or street crime is such a problem there that criminals are just brazen and cocky enough to think they can do it to anyone at anytime.  I mean, getting mugged is the second greatest fear in Rio behind only stray bullets according to the Brazilian Institute of Public Opinion.

Now think about 2016 when the Olympics come to Rio.  It’s going to be the Wild Wild West.

Rapid Fire Headlines

Man Jailed for 6 Months Over Loud Sex

The 42-year-old man tried to convince the judge that he can’t help that he’s “too good at sex.”

6 Things to Do With Peeps Besides Eating Them

It’s Easter time which means more holiday-themed treats.  My personal favorite are those Reeses Peanut Butter eggs.  If someone knows of a treatment program I check into please let me know.

Probably my least favorite Easter candy are Peeps which are basically a clump of sugar.  Well someone has found creative ways to use Peeps without eating them.  Pretty cool.

Woman Leads Man Around London on a Leash

No, seriously, she did.  I don’t know what to make of this.  Either this is some weird sexual fetish or maybe the guy lost a bet.  I hope it’s the latter.



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