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I’m supposed to write this article to promote Rick Dancer TV and I must say this weeks show is really good but do you mind if I tell you about something even bigger in my life at this moment?

I wasn’t the best student and had a tough time in school. My grades were bad, I didn’t hang out with the “Right” people and socially I was a misfit. Somehow in college it hit me I had to change or I was never going to have a vision I would just simply live a bad dream.

I Fit In Here

I think that’s why I love the “Turn Around Awards” so much. Each year, every middle and high school in the area picks a student to honor, who has turned their lives around. Colleen and Mike Bellotti brought the idea to Lane County almost 20 years ago.

I emcee the event for them every year. Today I watched child after child walk forward and get to tell their life story. Most were really short but some were so deep it hurt. I sit on the stage and look out at all the people in the audience and watch as tears fall and eyes are wiped.

There was a boy whose mother died, two in fact. There were kids who had few people in their lives and so many obstacle in their lives there is no way they could turn their lives around and yet they do.

A few years ago I watched a young man with multiple disables stand in front of a screen, hit a button on his computer, and a speech he had written was read by the computer. He talked of his feelings, his ideas, what he knew and to look at him you would never imagine all of that was locked inside him. As he stepped away from the stage my eyes were like faucets as I took at least a minute to regain my composure. The first thing out of my mouth was: “What in the Hell just happened here?” “Did you all see what I just saw?” “I knew it was true, I knew that folks like this young man feel and think all the things we think and now we have proof.” I told the audience: “Do not forget this day because you will probably never witness anything like it again.”

But each year we do witness amazing lives, amazing stories and see amazing students turn their lives around.

What does any of that have to do with my show this week? Nothing. But it has to do with my life and find it something I really want to share.

Now, here’s this weeks show.

Yes there is an actual person named Rick Dancer. For more than 20 years I worked in the Television News Industry as a main anchor/reporter for commercial television stations in Western Oregon. I’ve received numerous awards over the years for my story telling and received “Best Writing Awards” fifteen years consecutively. You'll find me now at

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