Child Saves Friend from Drowning

DROWNING HEROEUGENE, Ore. — A life-saving decision has earned a 6-year-old Eugene girl the nickname Hero.

The young hero is Margo Baarstad. She was swimming at the Fairfield Village Apartments swimming pool when her friend slipped off a floaty and started to drown. So she did what she needed to do to save him.

This all happened Sunday afternoon. Her mom, Amy Baarstad, says she was inside because she was feeling sick and let Margo swim with a neighbor and her kids.

Amy says Margo held the other child above water until an adult hopped the fence to help them, and she says she’s proud margo did the right thing.

“She just swam to him and grabbed him, and it was amazing. I don’t know a kid who does that and it doesn’t phase her at all,” Baarstad said.

Both of the kids are doing well Wednesday, and Margo is back in school being called a hero.

Her mom says she was told if Margo didn’t make that split-second decision, it’s likely paramedics would’ve been called. She says this is a good reminder to keep an eye on your kids this summer.

Watch KEZI 9 News at 6 p.m. to see our interview with Margo.

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