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  • Oregon Unveils New Child Welfare Model
    The Oregon Department of Human Services it making some changes that should help reduce the number of kids in foster care. And Lane County is one of the first in the state to implement the new system. The new plan includes helping f
  • Dozens Protest After Doctor is Fired
    Dozens of people took to the streets Thursday, rallying together to support a Florence doctor they believe was wrongfully fired. “I found out when I returned to work after a week vacation, at 8 o’clock on Thursday, Ap
  • Demolition begins for EMU remodel on Oregon campus
    Even the late John Belushi might get excited about this party. A place forever tied to the food fight scene from “Animal House,” the Erb Memorial Union – or EMU for short – is about to get a facelift.
  • Alpha Farm: ‘There are only two rules: no guns, no hard drugs’
    Caroline Estes and five friends came here in 1971 to get away from the outside world. She is the last of the original residents in an intentional community still going strong in the woods west of Eugene..
  • How Clean is Your Favorite Restaurant?
    We take a lot for granted as consumers when we head into a restaurant. We expect it to be clean, that the food is reasonably fresh, that they follow good practices for food prep, storage and serving. With the popularity of shows like Kitchen Nightmare
  • Marchers to Rally for Workers’ Rights
    Marches and rallies are scheduled all over the world for worker’s rights on Thursday to recognize May Day. A rally is planned in Eugene at the library quad on the University of Oregon campus, followed by a march to Johnson Ha


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