This past Saturday was gorgeous (I hope it was in your corner of the world too).  I jumped in my car and headed to the store in search of some car wash to shine my girl up.  Thats one of the best things about summer (I know we still have a little ways to go) for me anyhow.  I get to keep my girl looking nice and spiffy and have an excuse to get the hose out and cool off in the Oregon heat.

Chevy Nova  Photo  |  Sandy Harris

Chevy Nova Photo | Sandy Harris

While I was Out and About, I skipped the freeway and headed for the country.  It’s just nice to get off the beaten path and enjoy the green open fields of grass and catch a glimpse of the live stock, plus the eagles are out this time of year too.  I always carry my camera with me because I just never know what might catch my interest.

I turned onto highway 34 towards Lebanon, my window’s rolled down, the top open.  Coming into town the speed limit dropped to 25 miles per hour when it happened.  I heard music that was louder than my own and that is when I saw the cars! Classic cars, an entire lot full of them.  Have I mentioned I love classic cars?

Chevy Nova  Photo  |  Sandy Harris

Chevy Nova Photo | Sandy Harris

It was my lucky day, I love spur of the moment decisions.  This was totally unexpected and what’s a girl with a camera to do?  I flipped my left turn blinker on and whipped right into a nearby parking lot, stashed my purse in my car and grabbed my best friend and headed across the street.

In my opinion, nothing is cooler than hearing awesome music blasting from speakers in a lot full of beautiful cars.

Classic cars shined to the nines, the owners kicked back in their fold up lounge chairs, coolers nearby hanging around to answer questions that may come up, sparkles of pride shown in their eyes when they catch you checkin out their ride.

Chevy Nova  Photo  |  Sandy Harris

Chevy Nova Photo | Sandy Harris

I guess for me, the lure to these classics is like an old neighborhood.  You know, the big homes with the big front porches. Downtown Eugene is lined with them in the residential area.  I always wonder about the people who used to live in them, wonder what it was like to live during that time when the homes were new so many years ago.  How safe the streets were back then, all that kind of stuff.

The cars; well, American Graffiti comes to mind.  I think about the straight-leg jeans rolled up at the ankle and the white tee-shirts the boys used to wear, maybe even with a pack of cigarettes rolled up in their sleeve, hair slicked back and cruising in their muscle cars.  The girls riding shotgun wearing their poodle skirts, bobby socks, their scarves tied just right around their neck and pulled to the side, bouffant hair and not a strand out of place.  Visions of them parked at the top of Skinners Butte.

I snapped some photographs here and there, some cars so shiny they reflected the car next to them perfectly.

I rounded the corner and stopped in my tracks.  Before me was a 1963 Cherry Red Nova SS, white top with its hood open, staring right back at me!  She was a beauty! I peaked my head inside the window and admired the red seats, and dash board, the stick shift… Everything.

Chevy Nova  Photo  |  Sandy Harris

Checkin out the 1963 Chevy Nova SS in Lebanon Owner Bob & Doranna Morris

This is the car my parents brought me home in after I was born (not the exact car of course).  I’ll leave the year out but their car was all red.  I guess my smile was pretty big because the owner came over and asked if I would like to sit in it?  I could hardly contain my excitement!

He opened the door for me, I climbed in, took hold of the wheel and let me tell you… She fit me like a glove.  I felt as if I was home.  I have never felt like that inside a vehicle before.  I can’t explain it, but it was true love.

After a mini photo shoot I reluctantly climbed out.  I chatted with Bob for a little bit about the car.  He told me the story about how he surprised his wife with it once upon a time.  He purchased it for her in cherry condition a few years back.  He even showed me the trunk, everything was original, it even had the stickers on the inside of it!

Chevy Nova  Photo  |  Sandy Harris

Chevy Nova Photo | Sandy Harris

Remember that music I was telling you about earlier?  Bob dangled the keys to the Chevy in front of me, teasing me.  He said he would let me start the car if I could name the artist who was singing the song that was playing at that moment… That has never been my strong suit and that just wasn’t fair.  Teasing a girl like that!  Shame on you Bob! (thank you for letting me sit in your sweet ride tho!).

Perhaps one day I will have a classic, but for now I don’t mind admiring them up close.  I get to take photographs of them, enjoying a myriad of them, all summer long as a matter of fact.

The season is upon us for many more cruise-ins.  I found a great website that lists them throughout Oregon.  You can check them out here.

Mark your calendars for May 31, 2014.  The Function 4 Junction is here already!  Take a look here for details.

One of the sleeper cruise-ins is in Shedd, Oregon.  This is a pretty big affair and happens each Thursday.  They all meet up at the Shedd Cafe, which has some pretty awesome food from what I understand.  Located on Hwy. 99E between Halsey Oregon and Tangent.

If you know of other cruise-ins, please feel free to list them below in the comments section.

Shed will be my first official stop for the summer this coming Thursday.

Hope to see you out there!