United Drops Express Flight to PDX

United AirlinesEUGENE, Ore. — Bad news for frequent flyers in western Oregon.

After September 1, you won’t be able to fly directly from Eugene to Portland on the United Express flight.

The Eugene airports say that even though this particular flight will stop, there will still be other options to choose from. But passengers we spoke to said that even so, this particular loss will only make traveling through Eugene that much more inconvenient.

The flights, which are operated for United by Skywest Airlines, are being dropped because of under-performance.

Eugene Airport says it’s not surprised. The plane on that route only holds 30 passengers and is being phased out by many airlines.

Currently, EUG offers seven daily options to Portland. But once the United Express service is off the list, there will only be four.

The limited choices have many passengers disappointed, especially those traveling across the country to get here.

“It’s just very convenient for me. It fits into my travel days and makes it a lot easier trip to get out here. Otherwise, I have to come in through San Francisco, and that’s a hard. It’s a tougher airport. I don’t like it. I like my Portland-to-Eugene flight,” said Massachusetts resident Liz Tullett.

While this flight will stop, the airport says its non-stop flights to Honolulu through Allegiant will return on June 7.

This won’t be the only route united airlines passengers will have to say goodbye to. The airline will also be stopping its express service from Portland to and from Seattle and Redmond.

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