Behind The Scenes: Don’t Be Ashamed of Selfies


I think the negative press surrounding “Selfies” is absurd and we need to fight back. I myself have been called “The King of Selfies” and wear that badge with honor. Not everyone can take a picture of themselves and have it come out looking great.

I don’t know when I figured out the art of “Selfie” photography but perhaps because I videotape myself a lot I’m comfortable pointing and shooting a camera at my own mug. My kids sometimes make fun of me for shooting pictures of me, me and my wife, me and your wife or even politicians I spot shopping for a tie at the Rack (Ron Wyden)


We recently produced a video explaining our position on “Selfies” and I’m asking people like you to send me a “Selfie” so I can put it on the Rick Dancer TV show. I believe “Selfies” are an important cultural issue. I’ve heard parents concerns over the “Selfie” but for goodness sakes there are far greater issues to tackle out there than kids/adults or even people like me who take one-handed pictures of themselves.

I’m supposed to use these “Behind the Scenes” blogs to talk about the Rick Dancer TV show so before the editor of Eugene Daily News tries to fire me (Kelly Asay) I’d better get back to topic.

For the month of June we are digging through our archives finding our favorite stories to re-air on the show. Its fun to go back and look at what you’ve done and think of what you want to do differently in the future. We’ve created some amazingly important content over the past six or so years and I hope you enjoy what we’re dusting off and bringing back.

We are also adding many new things to the show, a new helpful tips piece from Womenspace on how to talk with your kids and A-1 Auto Glass begins a new series of spots about Rock Chip Repair and the importance of getting your windshield replaced by a reputable dealer, like A-1.

One of the greatest things about my job is I learn so much from my clients. I’m excited to share some of these A-1 facts with you over the next few months. Some of them deal with safety and we’re all better off understanding how our cars operate and the importance of the windshield when it comes to safety.

If you stayed with me to this point in this blog you win the big prize. You can now go online and watch the Rick Dancer TV Episode for Sunday June 1st.

If you choose to wait, you can watch it live on KEVU Sunday at 4:30pm.

Yes there is an actual person named Rick Dancer. For more than 20 years I worked in the Television News Industry as a main anchor/reporter for commercial television stations in Western Oregon. I’ve received numerous awards over the years for my story telling and received “Best Writing Awards” fifteen years consecutively. You'll find me now at

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