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EUGENE, Ore. — After organizers decided to cancel the Eugene Celebration this year, community members are stepping up to give the city of Eugene a chance to still have some fun.

Organizers say Eugene deserves to showcase it’s unique artists, entertainers and local business.

The organizers say a lot of people expressed disappointment following the cancellation of the Eugene Celebration.

The new proposal is called the Festival of Eugene.

It would span four city blocks, from Pearl Street and 5th Avenue stretching over to Willamette Street.

It would feature live music, performances and vendors.

Organizers say the festival would be a diverse mix of entertainment.

“You would have that contortionist, or that hula hoop girl, or an acoustic guitar player or someone playing flute really we’re talking about a large area with an incredible amount of different visual eccentricities going on all at once,” said Co-Event Coordinator, Krysta Albert.

Albert says it would be a free event on August 22nd and 23rd with the possibility of extending it to the 24th.

She says people are already waiving fees for set up and sound stages so the community can have the event.

This isn’t set in stone yet.

Right now organizers are still waiting to get the full green light from the city.

They plan to meet with Eugene Police Monday to work out some safety logistics.