Goshen, Ore. — Warm temperatures and dry conditions posed a challenge to firefighters who battled a grass fire at a Goshen farm Monday afternoon.

Crews from Goshen and Pleasant Hill Fire Districts, along with South Lane Fire & Rescue and the Oregon Department of Forestry, responded to the emergency around 12:45 p.m., after someone reported seeing flames near Scharen and Hampton Roads.

According to firefighters, the fire was sparked by a hay bale that got stuck under a hay baler machine being pulled by a farmer in the field. They say the friction and heat caused by dragging the bale caused the hay to ignite.

“Most land owners are fairly knowledgeable in this,” said Chief David Wolting of Goshen/Pleasant Hill Fire Districts. “They watch the weather conditions and try to harvest their fields when the conditions are right and sometimes you just can’t predict these kinds of things,” said Wolting.

The flames quickly spread to about an acre and burned grass and other hay bales in the field. No one was hurt, but the farmer’s truck and hay baler were damaged by the fire.