Eugene, Springfield and Lane County Headlines

Morning Sun On Blue Sky 6/23/14 | Photo by Tim Chuey

Morning Sun On Blue Sky 6/23/14 | Photo by Tim Chuey


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  • Changes Coming to Main Street
    Two heavily used roads in Springfield could be getting a major makeover. Travelers depend on Main St. and McVay Hwy. to get to the downtown area or to LCC. As the population grows and as development in the Glenwood area c 
  • Midnight Mugshots – June 23, 2014
    Information from the arrests/bookings of the following people is selected from the websites of Lane County Jail (LCJ) and Springfield Municipal Jail (SMJ). Pictures – Mugshots used in this article were taken from those websit
  • Council Passes Fireworks Ordinances
    There’s been an outcry of public frustration after a home in north Eugene burned down last year, from illegal fireworks. Monday night the Eugene City Council acted — with stricter guidelines for fireworks use, and harsh
  • Eugene high school graduate to testify before U.S. Senate Finance Committee about student debt
    Although she is from a very low-income family, Amber Lee isn’t getting any financial aid from Portland State University and is expected to take out $14,300 in loans to afford her freshman year of college. Her story is common across the nation an…
  • Hay Baler Damaged in Goshen Grass Fire
    Warm temperatures and dry conditions posed a challenge to firefighters who battled a grass fire at a Goshen farm Monday afternoon. Crews from Goshen and Pleasant Hill Fire Districts, along with South Lane Fire & Rescue and the
  • Eugene police make arrest in prostitution sting
    An undercover investigation in Eugene and Portland located 1 child prostitute and 20 adult prostitutes, many of whom had been working since they were as young as 13 or 14, the FBI said.
  • Home Rescue Program Ending
    A state funded program that helps struggling homeowners keep their homes is coming to an end in Lane County. The Home Rescue Program, run by NEDCO, provides qualified homeowners a year’s worth of mortgage payments, up to $30,
  • Will We Have To Use The “D” Word This Summer?
    We haven’t had much rain lately, but does that mean we are in a drought? What is a drought anyway? I’ll explain and show you how it is determined


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