It is not very often that we speak about Golf here at EDN, but there is a story that started on Thursday morning in the wee hours here in the United States that I feel may be worth following. We all know that Tiger Woods is one of the better golfers of his generation. He is one major away of tying Jack Nicklaus in majors and his attitude on Tuesday during a Press Conference before he began his quest at the British Open shed some insight into his approach this weekend.

Tiger Woods

He was asked what place he would be happy finishing this weekend. His response, “First”. It was an unflappably honest answer for a man who has spent the better part of the last five years trying to recover from numerous injuries to his body and his image. He started the season in 2014 not very well in several events leading up to Thursday, where the rust certainly showed over the first nine holes, hitting several balls out of bounds. Then, Tiger found his focus.

On five of the last six holes it looked like a vintage Tiger Woods, if you can call him vintage. His putter was on fire as he hit five of six birdies on the back nine and entered the clubhouse with a first round score of 69. He will enter Friday’s second round looking for a similar score to make it into the weekend. Something he has not done when it counted in quite some time.

If Tiger Woods finds his way into Saturday and Sunday it will be a big step on his road back from adversity including back surgery, and leg surgeries. Of course that work ‘back’ also has another meaning. Is Tiger Woods back? Is his game back? Is the competitive spirit that won him so many majors before the injuries started to mount back?

All of those questions can be answered perhaps this weekend. Not only are television networks looking for Woods to turn the weekend into a good game and therefore must see television and returning ratings for the game, but fans across the country are also cheering for Woods and his return to the game. I, for one, am one of those fans. When I woke up this morning and saw the alert on my phone I honestly had to take a second look, and then a third. A score of 69 and a place in the early top ten at the British Open for Tiger Woods, now, is an impressive.

How Woods got there after a shaky start was even more impressive.It took nine holes for Tiger Woods to find his game, be it a new game or some of his old one- it does not matter. His stroke looks good and his putter is on fire entering Friday. If he continues to play his game the roar of the crowd will soon be back as well.