Driver Arrested After Collision With Parked Police Car

A 25-year old Ontario man was arrested Thursday night by Oregon State Police (OSP) for DUII and other charges after he collided with a parked Ontario police car that was blocking an intersection where firefighters were handling a fire-related call. 

On July 3, 2014 at approximately 10:48 p.m., an OSP trooper was dispatched to investigate a non-injury traffic crash involving an Ontario Police Department (OPD) patrol vehicle at the intersection of SE 7th Avenue and SE 3rd Street. The OPD vehicle was parked with emergency lights activated blocking an intersection when it was struck by 2014 Chevrolet Impala four-door traveling westbound on SE 7th Street. 

When the trooper arrived on scene he found the Chevrolet’s driver, JAIME MORENO JR, age 25, from Ontario, visibly intoxicated, belligerent and aggressive toward those present at the scene. Subsequent investigation indicated MORENO had taken the car without the owner’s permission. MORENO was arrested and lodged in the Malheur County Jail on the following charges: 

* Reckless Driving 
* Recklessly Endangering Another Person (11 counts) 
* Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle 

The eleven recklessly endangering counts are for the alleged endangerment of 2 police officers, 2 firefighters, 2 passengers in the car, and 5 citizen bystanders who were present when the collision occurred. 

He was also cited for No Operators License and Refusing a Breath Test. 

The damage to the police car did not require towing from the scene. 

No photographs provided for release. 

OSP, Oregon State Sheriffs’ Association (OSSA), and Oregon Association Chiefs of Police (OACP) remind everyone that while death and injury are of course the most serious of possible consequences of drunk driving, there are other consequences that can affect lives for many years, including loss of a driver license, vehicle impoundment, jail time, lawyer and court costs, and insurance hikes, just to name a few. 

OSP, OSSA, OACP, and ODOT offer the following safety reminders to help keep your holiday travels safe: 

* Get rested before you are tested. Fatigued drivers are more frequent during holiday weekends because of increased travel and activity. Be patient and allow plenty of time to reach your destination. 
* Pay attention. An inattentive driver is a growing safety concern on our roads and an increasing factor in traffic crashes. 
* Know before you go: Stay up to date on road conditions by visiting or calling 5-1-1. Don’t use your cell phone to check on this non-emergency information while driving. 
* Even when workers are not present, all work zone speed limits still apply and fines double. Inactive work zones still have equipment, detours, and incomplete changes in the roadway so drivers need to slow down and be alert. 
* Share the road. Don’t tailgate and be sure to check your mirrors and blind spots before changing lanes. 
* Be on the lookout for bicyclists, pedestrians and other vulnerable users of our roads. 
* Always use safety restraints and child safety seats correctly ( for free safety seat clinics and proper buckling tips). 
* Don’t drink and drive; don’t be impaired and drive. These can be deadly combinations. 
* MOVE OVER if you are approaching any type of emergency vehicle, tow truck or roadside assistance vehicle which is stopped on the roadside with emergency lights activated. 

OSP, OSSA, OACP and ODOT remind every traveling person – bicyclists, pedestrians, motorcyclists and motorists alike – that we all have individual responsibility for keeping our roads safe. Immediately report aggressive, dangerous and intoxicated drivers to 9-1-1 or call OSP at 1-800-24DRUNK(800-243-7865). 

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