Festival_of_Eugene_Logo-page-001It has been just less than a month since the Festival of Eugene got its legs. In that time, the momentum has been like a locomotive! Many people have reached out to FOE (Festival of Eugene) www.festivalofeugene.com to lend support. With that momentum we have created an event that is fun, funky and FREE.

There have been so many inquiries on the festival via email and FaceBook, The Eugene Daily News has generously offered to host daily event happenings.

So- moving onward and upward… today was an exciting day finishing up the final touches to the budget to submit to Mecca http://www.materials-exchange.org/. We are proud to announce they will be our non-profit pass-through. This make the FOE a a non-profit event. This makes donations and sponsorships tax deductible! To make a tax-deductable donation, visit http://www.gofundme.com/Festival-of-Eugene

Today, FOE got an email from our esteemed Mayor Kitty Piercy offering her support and gratitude for putting on this event! Thanks, Hon. Piercy! kitty.piercy@ci.eugene.or.us

FOE will feature talented balloon artist, caricature artist and face painter, Carol’s Painter Art https://www.facebook.com/CarolsFacePaintingArt.

FOE had more band applicant inquiries as well- the talent of Eugene and desire to participate in this community event- for the people of Eugene BY the people of Eugene! This will be unlike any event Eugene has ever seen! Stay tuned for more…