Ok, maybe not Ice Cream above all else, but, how about Ice Cream delivered directly into your hand, wherever you happen to be at the click of a button?  That would be an “uber” (“over”, “above” or “across”) experience!  Well tomorrow, July 18th, you can find out what it feels like.

On demand transportation industry disrupter UBER is bringing their ridesharing experience to Eugene in the form of the ultimate Ice Cream Truck.  Make that trucks.  Unlike their rideshare service, you will need to head to one of several locations you can find HERE. You will also want to bring a friend as they will be delivering bundles of frozen treats.



This Friday, July 18, open the app and you’ll have the chance to request ice cream on-demand – it’s as simple as dropping an pin on the map, clicking a button, and having delicious treats on the way to your location in minutes.Last year Uber Ice Cream was available to people in 34 cities, and this year we’re excited to include Eugene among the 130 cities participating globally.

Here’s the Inside Scoop:
– Download the Uber app for iPhone or Android
– Request the “Ice Cream” option via your app
If a truck is available, you and your friends will be enjoying sweet treats and Uber swag within minutes
– Ice cream trucks will be on the road from 11 AM to 5 PM on Friday, July 18th
– Demand for ice cream trucks will be very high and availability very limited. It may take multiple tries to find an available truck. Please be patient! We’ll be working all day to deliver as much ice cream as possible.
– No cash required! Ice cream served around the world is charged to the user’s Uber account. (But in Eugene and Salem, ice cream will be FREE!)

Each city is partnering with local ice cream trucks to offer bundles of five or six treats for you to share with friends, co-workers, or family.

The blog will be live here tomorrow, and it has an interactive map with all the places Ice Cream is being delivered: http://blog.uber.com/icecream2014


Having used UBER during a recent trip to San Francisco, it’s hard to think of a better introduction to a service or product unless it was my test drive of the amazing Tesla S. Those two experiences have made it clear what kind of car I’d like to drive, and what service I’ll use when I’m not going to be driving.

While UBER service isn’t currently available in our area, you’ll want to download the app to get the ice cream, then on your world travels, you’ll want to see if UBER is where you are.  If they are, try them and drop us a photo of your UBER transport experience.



So, if you’re out for the UBER Ice Cream experience tomorrow, and you happen to see one of the intrepid EDN photographers or staff, snap a selfie with us and tag us in it.  You’ll want to hit the like button on the EDN page too.  We’ve got a Coburg Pizza gift card to go with that ice cream for 3 randomly selected #selftographers.