SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — The city of Springfield is preparing for a graffiti cleanup Tuesday on the EWEB Bike Path.8-4 graffiti
Two neighbors who live near the path are not only fed up with the graffiti but say this is a growing problem in the city of Springfield.
“This is our home, and our home doesn’t look good with it being all spray painted up,” said Janna Reischke, Springfield resident.
The two have lived next to the EWEB Bike Path for years and say the spray painted mess has got to stop.
“People don’t have the right to just put their stuff on my fence,” said Phyl Mendoza, Springfield resident.
But the city of Springfield is making its own mark.
“We’ll kind of put some markers down on the path so that when the crews come through they can effectively and efficiently as possible just go ahead and paint out the pieces of property that are willing to be involved,” said Courtney Griesel, Senior Management Analyst.
On Tuesday the city of Springfield along with volunteers will clean up fences along the path.
“Once you start taking care of small things you start mowing your grass you start taking care of broken fences, it all is related,” said Griesel.
Monday Griesel was out marking a number of spots where the volunteer crews will paint over Tuesday, with three natural colors to match the wood to help beautify the neighborhood.
“What’s interesting about this project is we’re working with the home owners and getting an area that we typically don’t have access to,” said Niel Laudati, city of Springfield spokesman.
“it just doesn’t make sense to me that somebody feels that they have the right to put their garbage on my fence,” said Mendoza.
The city of Springfield says property values also go down with graffiti.
The cleanup begins at 1 p.m. Tuesday.
Teams will begin at Pioneer Parkway and move east along the path.
Volunteers will receive a coupon to Sherwin Williams and passes to Willamalane’s Splash.